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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Man in Custody, Female Hostage Safe on Memorial Parkway

Photo via Fox 19. The hostage was taken out of the residence at 6:30 this morning. 
A 38 year old man is under arrest and a female hostage, his fiancé, is safe after a SWAT situation in Newport this morning.

Police from Bellevue, Newport and Fort Thomas responded to a residence on Wilson Drive near Memorial Parkway after receiving a hang-up 911 call at 2:06 a.m.

Another call took place about a minute later about a domestic violence situation unfolding inside the home, said Newport Police Chief Tom Collins.

"You could hear a male voice telling the female 'go ahead and tell them. Go ahead and tell them I've got you held,'" the chief quoted the tape. "Then 'the hell with 911.' And we have not been able to make contact with them since then."

After that call, police also received a report of a gunshot being fired.SWAT negotiators attempted to talk to the man inside the home and then burst through the front door about 6:30 a.m . Authorities know the suspect's identity and say he does not live in the area.

The man has an extensive criminal history for robbery and burglary offenses, Collins said.

The woman's father, Kurt Belcher, said he has been trying to warn her to stay away from the suspect.

"I woke up this morning around 3 a.m. to ... a hostage situation here at my daughters house," he said. "She's been with this guy a few months and we've tried to tell her he's no good,and now she's learned the hard way. Sometimes (things have to be learned the hard way. Thank God for the police, and the way it turned out." 

Story via Fox 19


  1. Please remove the quote about learning the hard way. This statement places the blame on the victim rather than the criminal in this situation.

    1. Don't do this. The statement was not editorial, it was a quote from someone close to the story.

  2. it's not about learning the hard way,.. it's about learning from ur mistakes ppl