Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Melanie Steidel Pelle: Letter to the Editor

I'm sure you've all seen the colorful signs for Charles "Coach" Coleman for county commissioner strewn up and down U.S. 27. Don't be fooled by the friendly name: this is one of the three tea party members who sued the public library system in an effort to get its funding reduced to 1978 levels. The libraries are proven to be one of the most-used public facilities in the county. If the lawsuit is allowed to stand, many branches will have to close and cut back services.
Thanks to these extremist anti-tax folks, we in the southern end of the county didn't get a new library. Because of growth in the southern end of the county, eventually it will be built, but at a much greater cost because of delays and increased labor costs. The entire library tax was $81 last year on my tax bill. If the Coach is so anti-tax, one would think he'd go after school taxes, which were (looking at my own bill) over $600 last year. Perhaps the Coach leaves this tax alone because he himself presumably draws a pension from these funds as a retired teacher/coach.
Cast your vote for someone who understands that being fiscally conservative doesn't mean trying to destroy the best, most cost-effective institutions the county possesses. Vote for Melanie Pelle for county commissioner.

Sean Lohman Detisch

It is thrilling to see so many intelligent, qualified, energetic people on November’s Democratic ticket.
It’s particularly exciting to see so many women listed beginning with Alison Lundergan Grimes for Senator, an exceptionally capable and experienced woman. There is Justice Michelle Keller for Supreme Court Justice who filled an unexpired term and is now on the ballot.
There are two women for County Commissioner: Melanie Pelle for 2nd District, who is concerned with the sewer system in Silver Grove, and Rene Heinrich for 1st District who believes that Campbell County should welcome more businesses that create high-wage jobs.
Our magistrates are Kathy Pinello and Ginger Paul. Andrea Janovic is impressive for PVA. She is keeping tabs of the current PVA, who according to public record, appears to have “manipulated assessment values in order to [help his] father avoid capital gains tax.”
I must include Ken Rechtin for Campbell County judge-executive in this group who has 40 years of business leadership. Speaking from my own experience, he is one of those rare men who listens intently to women’s ideas, wisdom, and know-how.
Voting for this group of capable candidates is the best thing you can do for Campbell County.

Donna Hoffman
Fort Thomas

On Election Day, the citizens of Campbell County are voting on every county office and those outcomes will decide our future. I am proud to support Melanie Steidel-Pelle as the candidate that will put our future first.

Melanie is a servant who knows how to meet payrolls and keep an independent school afloat in difficult financial times. She has been genuinely open to disclosing how expensive an independent system can be, yet her opponent thinks you can simply make cuts and close. Problem with that is he is a retired teacher from an independent system, and he does not have experience making payroll.

Melanie also understands the value that our libraries have in our community in terms of quality housing, higher education, and jobs. Her opponent has sued our libraries and I believe he wants to close them. Based on utilization statistics, they would probably close the Ft. Thomas branch first. When employers look to locate in Campbell County, they do research and find that we have citizens suing our libraries. How does that attract business? Melanie's platform keeps our libraries open and moves to provide better communication to the taxpayers. Her concept of multi-use facilities will save taxpayer money and spark the interest of folks wanting to live and work here.

Melanie has the right business experience and knows budgets. She will take an active role in making sure we have representation and effective oversight to regional authorities like SD1, TANK, and the Northern Kentucky Water District. This will keep our rates low and groups like these accountable for their actions. Her opponent wants to add to the county budget because he has promised the jail employees hazardous benefits that will cost all of us more than $500,000. While Melanie has remained focused on her platform with straight and consistent answers, her opponent has used a bag of tricks to tell different interested voters different things. With this time of year in mind, I have to ask you: Do you want a trick or do you want a treat? I think we are all due for a treat.

Melanie has my vote because I want a genuine, transparent, and future-focused commissioner in Campbell County.

Laura B Radley Roberts
108 N. Watchtower Drive
Wilder, KY 41076

Letter to the Editor:
I’m voting for Melanie Steidel Pelle for Campbell County Commissioner.  And I’m doing it because she stands in stark contrast to her opponent, Charlie Coleman.
He’s a human wrecking ball, and she’s a builder.  it’s a night-and-day contrast.
I understand “Coach” Coleman has scads of signs and has made lots of friends over the years.  He seems like a nice enough guy.  But, please, make no mistake about what he stands for politically.  He is on record asking the courts to tear things down, with no plan for rebuilding anything he and his cohorts want to wreck.
Coleman remains the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to gut – and I don’t mean cut – the funding for the Campbell County Public Library.   Coleman is asking the courts to roll back our library’s funding to 1978 levels.  If Coleman prevails in his clearly-stated wish, one if not two of our branches will likely close and up to 60 people face the loss of their jobs.  That’s not economic growth.
The “Wrecking Ball” also remains the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit designed to roll back funding for the Northern Kentucky Sanitation District.  Without getting into the merits of that lawsuit,  also in the Court of Appeals,  I’ll simply say that I want a county commissioner who is going to work with others to solve tough funding issues.  I don’t want one who files a lawsuit every time he disagrees with another politician.
So how does Melanie Pelle contrast?  First, of course, she doesn’t have that “wrecking ball” mentality.  What she does have is business and government experience -- and a passion for working  with others to solve difficult problems and grow (not shrink) our economy.
Melanie has been a small business owner in Campbell County for 12 years, providing payroll and bookkeeping to other small businesses.  While the buzzword is “fiscal responsibility,” she actually knows what it takes to balance the books.  She understands first-hand the needs and challenges of businesses, including taxes and sewer rates.
In government, Melanie served on the Silver Grove school board for 18 years and chaired it for 12 years.  She knows how a strong and adequately-funded county library works hand-in-hand with the schools in augmenting learning for all ages.  She understands how libraries also promote useful knowledge for the public in general -- a vital key to Campbell County’s economic growth and health.
I’m going to admit my bias here:  I am married to a library employee.  But don’t take my word for any of this.  The lawsuits with Mr. Coleman’s name on them are public, and they pull no punches.  They aren’t jovial or good-natured.  On Nov. 4, please be mindful of deciding whether you want the “wrecking ball” mentality in county government or whether you want Melanie Pelle’s constructive approach.  I want Pelle.

Steve Burke
Fort Thomas

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