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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Street Class: Most Haunted Places in Fort Thomas

October is widely known for changing leaves, pumpkin spiced everything, and an abundance of spooky stories. Fort Thomas is no stranger to its own urban myths and ghost sightings. The town has allegedly experienced its fair share of paranormal activity, and you might be surprised to find out that some of our town's most popular locations are also hot spots for hauntings. 

The Armory

Claims of supernatural activity have been linked to Tower Park's Armory for decades. Much of the activity reported today is often attributed to the tragic Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in 1977. The Armory was used as a makeshift morgue after the fire, and bodies were lined across the building's basketball courts to await identification. Today, residents using the building for recreational purposes have reported experiencing strange activity in the building. Much of the activity seems to revolve around children, who have been known to see people on the basketball courts that aren't actually there, and watching "things" move around that room. We can't say definitively if these accounts are in fact directly connected to the Beverly Hills Supper Club tragedy, but if does make one wonder who or what exactly the children are seeing on the basketball courts.

Highlands High School
If you attended Highlands High School, there's a good chance you had to endure a few nightmares thanks to the haunted band room. Legend has it that the ghost of David Cecil still roams the halls of Highlands, and is especially active in the band room. Students and teachers alike have experienced cold spots in the room. When I was in 7th grade, the music teacher at the time was telling our class about the room's spooky history. One student was asked to stand in the spot that Cecil reportedly haunts, and the student did indeed claim to feel a cold spot in that location. At the same time this occurred, an outlet near the student began sparking. Was this a just creepy coincidence, or David making his presence known?

As if high school isn't scary enough, Highlands allegedly has another ghost watching over the school. A janitor has been spotted checking up on nightly activities in the auditorium from beyond the grave. The janitor has been known to drop in on an after school play rehearsal, and kindly make sure that the school is running smoothly. There were also stories of him being spotted in the breezeway area of the school.

Memorial Parkway
The details surrounding these reports are a little fuzzy, but a ghostly figure has been spotted walking along Memorial Parkway. Reports of this figure date back at least to the 1980s, and possibly even earlier than that. Next time you're driving between Fort Thomas and Bellevue, make sure to keep an eye out for deer and a ghost.

Hiland Building 
This building, which sits in the center of town on North Fort Thomas Avenue, has had various reports of the years of paranormal activity. Employees of the businesses within the building have experienced overall creepy feelings when working there. Most prominently known are the claims that the elevators will go up and down, and the doors will open and close even when there aren't other people in the building.

Ruth Moyer Elementary
Fort Thomas School system must really be one of the best in the country. Otherwise, why else would so many people want to linger in our schools after death? Ruth Moyer Elementary students reportedly experienced hauntings in the bathrooms at the schools. Water faucets have been known to turn on and off by themselves. This most famously occurred on the second floor bathrooms, but there have been other reports throughout the school. We cannot confirm nor deny at this time if J.K. Rowling was inspired to write Hogwart's bathroom-dwelling Moaning Myrtle based on Moyer's bizarre bathrooms.

Pearl Bryan Connection
This is undoubtedly one of our town's most notorious spooky tales, and it all began on a gruesome night in 1896. Pearl Bryan was found decapitated on farmland behind what is now the location of the Fort Thomas YMCA. Her murderers, Scott Jackson and and Alonzo Walling, were supposedly members of an occult group that held rituals in the basement of what is now Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY. Bryan is allegedly one of many ghosts found haunting Bobby Mackey's, which is widely considered one of the most haunted places in America. Some people claim that Bryan also still haunts what is now the Children's Art Academy on South Fort Thomas Avenue, which would have stood near the location of Bryan's murder site. These reports are usually just claims of overall creepy feelings in the area. 

If you have any stories to add to our list of haunted places, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. 


  1. I live here so I know what it is like in my house when you are alone u see lights turning on and off cabin ares opening and closing u hear noises like I am coming and you also see really creepy shadows

  2. I lived in Fort Thomas for about 4 years and the house we rented was quiet until we moved out. As soon as we started packing, we heard voices, were touched, and one night, saw the apparition of a boy. We never felt threatened, I just always thought it was strange that our exit seemed to spark so much activity.