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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Best Thanksgiving Movies

Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters

I get that Thanksgiving and football go together like, well, turkey and dressing...or mashed potatoes and gravy...or a slice of pumpkin pie and a second slice of pumpkin pie. However, here's a Thanksgiving Day secret for you: there's actually no law saying that you have to watch football after you're finished with your feast. The Football Police will not come find you, and put you into holiday jail. That means that you are free to watch anything you want between courses of your Thanksgiving meal.

Here are the best Thanksgiving movies to watch with your friends and family on the most delicious day of the year:

Pieces of April
I remember seeing this film while at school in Chicago, and thinking that Joey Potter just might be our next great indie actress. Of course, that was pre-Tom Cruise. Her days of potential indie queendom are pretty much limited to this film, but she does a great job portraying an endearing eccentric, who is anxiously preparing Thanksgiving dinner for her family.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
If you haven't seen this one yet, then just drop the cranberry sauce now and watch it immediately. Steve Martin and John Candy are each trying to make it to their respective homes for Thanksgiving. Chaos, and laughs, quickly ensue.

A Miracle on 34th Street
I'm pretty steadfast in my “no celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving” stance on life. This film is an exception, since technically it's also a Thanksgiving story. It's a good way to crossover from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season. I would recommend a viewing of the 1947 version of this film. 

Alice's Restaurant
This could be considered the classic of Thanksgiving cinema. Also, bonus points if you know all the words to the song.

Hannah and Her Sisters
If you're a Woody Allen fan, then this certainly should be your go-to Thanksgiving movie. It features not one, but two Thanksgiving scenes. I'm pretty sure Woody himself would want you to have a course for each time Thanksgiving dinner is portrayed on screen.

Last but not least, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
It doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can't go wrong with this cartoon classic. Charlie Brown and his ragtag group of friends never disappoint.

Should you decide to trade football for a movie this year, make sure you consult with the rest of your friends and family before you take over the television. Fort Thomas Matters is not responsible for any remote control-related injuries.

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