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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birkley Services to the Rescue!

Birkley Services has been a successful family business for over 40 years! After Wednesday night I now understand why. I came home for lunch to our chilly, no heated home. I was able to call Matt Birkley and he was there within a couple of hours to help us fix it.
 Matt Birkley checking out our furnace
 Working on diagnoses of the furnace
Giving us options

Turns out we didn't necessarily need a brand new furnace... yet! Matt took the time to explain what was wrong with the furnace, average time a furnace will last and helped us look at our options. My husband and I found this so refreshing that we immediately felt we could trust Matt. He explained that our circuit box was the issue and that if he fixed that and cleaned out the system itself, we may get more usage out of the furnace. He also suggested that we could replace the furnace altogether, but it was our decision. Thank you Matt Birkley for not trying to sell us something we didn't need (for now)!

I am writing this article from my comfortable heated home and I am a very happy customer! I hope that you will call Matt Birkley at Birkley Services for your heating, cooling and electrical needs.

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