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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

City Council Round-Up: Street Resurfacing, Officer Promotion, VA Home Update, Salt Dome

Street resurfacing, a quick VA Home update, fire and police personnel updates, a trailer ordinance discussion and a new salt dome were all discussed by Fort Thomas city council Monday night. Jay Fossett was absent from the meeting. Here’s your round-up:

Fire Department
Jeremy Andrasik, a 2001 Highlands High School graduate, has joined the Fort Thomas Fire Department. He has worked as a firefighter for the Campbell County Fire Department since 2008. Chief Mark Bailey presented Andrasik with the pinning of his badge tonight.
Police Department
Officer Casey Kilgore was promoted to lieutenant. Chief Mike Daly and Kilgore's son James presented him with his new badge. His wife Lauren and daughter Kate were present. 
Officer Tommy Car is expecting to return to active duty soon. He was in a car accident while on duty. Officer Chris Goshorn had an accident at home but is improving. "He seems positive with his progress," Daly said about Goshorn
Street Resurfacing
Ken Ramstetter, who lives on Franklin Street, spoke at the meeting regarding the city's street resurfacing projects. He asked council why residents are responsible to pay for half of street resurfacing instead of it being paid for by taxes or a road fund. City Administrator Don Martin said the city has followed the 50/50 method for years. "Just because it's been around 50 (years) doesn't mean it's the best way to do it," Ramstetter said. 
Councilman Eric Haas said the city has looked at other funding options but believes this is the most economical for everyone. "If you do it with just tax dollars you get more complaints. It spreads our dollars to be able to do more streets."
Ramstetter was also concerned with the quality of the job. He said the city was not there during the project to make sure that specs were being followed. He added that there was damage to his property during the resurfacing. Haas reassured him that there would be a final inspection that residents are invited to attend. 
VA Home Update
The city has received statements of qualifications from potential builders. Staff will review them and invite qualified contractors to bid. 
Salt Dome
A salt dome is being built on Army Reserve Road near the soccer fields and should be completed by November 17. It will allow the city to store salt year-round, treat the streets in the south end of town quicker and make it less likely to run out of salt. The city ordered salt in the spring when it was much cheaper, which saved thousands of dollars. 
Website Update
Martin said the city is working with a web developer to update the website. "We'd like to have something up and running by the first of the year if at all possible."
Trailer Ordinance
The current ordinance regarding trailer parking does not cover non-commercial trailers being parked on city streets. "Right now the police will ask you nicely to move it," said Martin. He asked council to consider creating an ordinance that prohibits parking a trailer on the street for more than 24 hours. "Depending on the type of trailer, it can create a safety issue."
Council members discussed whether or not 24 hours was enough time considering that someone moving might need 48 or even 72 hours. Councilman Roger Peterman suggested making it the same as a car left in the same spot - seven days but others felt that might be too long. Councilman Ken Bowman suggested deferring it to the Labor Law and License Committee but instead it was decided that Martin would draft an ordinance for the next meeting. 
The meeting ended with a reminder for everyone to vote today, Tuesday, Nov. 4. The next council meeting will be held Monday, November 17 at 7 p.m.

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  1. I agree with Ken Ramstetter, just because that's how it is always done, doesn't make it right, it's archaic. At least make it fair, meaning, if the project costs $500k, (I'm not using real numbers, just an example) the city pays $250k, but then they know how many homes are impacted, let's say 300 homes, split the remaining $250K among those houses...not based on how much "street front" you have! I have a neighbor who has 10 feet of street front, then I have 200 feet...they use the street just as much as I do.