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Monday, November 10, 2014

How FTM, Rec. Department reunite a family with their missing camera, wedding photos

This story begins on Dec. 7, 2013 - the night Candy and Norman Fouts began their life together as husband and wife.

As we will learn, a small mirace would take place almost a year later.

Find out how the Fort Thomas Recreation Department and Fort Thomas Matters used the picture below to reunite a family with their precious wedding pictures.

Candy Moses said she had been sick for a while and her husband didn't want to wait any longer to get married, so they made plans to get married at St. Vincent Church. 

The heat went out in the church the day of the wedding, but that did not stop the nuptials. The ceremony went off without a hitch, but people fled the church afterwards seeking heat. 

"We are not sure if our friend, who had sat the camera on the floor in its case, forgot to pick it up," Candy said. "She thought my daughter had grabbed it. We searched the reception hall and cars. (We) asked the staff to look in the church, but the pastor said it wasn't there. My daughter had let our friend use her camera to take the pictures." 

Candy said her daughter, Jessica, was taking a high school photography class during the time of the wedding and the camera was extremely important. The family searched for weeks and asked everyone if they had seen it with no luck. Jessica ended up finishing her class work using with an iPhone. 

Fast forward almost a year...Penny Kramer with the Fort Thomas Recreation Department said a camera was found on a horse drawn carriage at the holiday festival.

Kramer reached out to Fort Thomas Matters in an attempt to reunite the camera with its rightful owner, which prompted this FTM post. One look at the only comment on the article and the happy ending was in sight!

"We had given up on ever seeing the pictures, but it hasn't sat well with me that my daughter let us use a camera we were unable to return. I am extremely happy that someone found it and that no one at the rec center gave up in finding us," Candy said. "I was so happy to put it in my daughter's hands. After nearly a year,  it seemed like a miracle."

The Fort Thomas Matters team was happy to play a part in this story, and is even happier that the Fouts have their camera (and memories) back from their wedding night. 

Norman and Candy Fouts - Courtesy Candy Fouts

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