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Monday, December 22, 2014

Fire, Police Swarm on Arcadia Drive for Home Explosion

Emergency services have reported to Arcadia Dr. in Fort Thomas./CC

This story has been updated. - 12/24/14

Multiple Fort Thomas Police, including emergency service officers have reported to a residence in the 60 block of Arcadia Drive.

At 8:30 PM Monday night, witnesses on the scene reported multiple fire trucks and at least four squad cars from Fort Thomas and Newport on scene for an explosion that occurred in the basement of the house.

According to FTPD Lieutenant Casey Kilgore, the explosion was a result of the homeowner extracting oil from some flowers using butane, which is what combusted.

No house fire ensued, and no citations were issued.

Other municipalities' emergency services also responded to the scene, and there were no injuries.

- Staff report.


  1. That's really nice.. What an idiot if true.

  2. IF this were just a simple explosion, why would all the cops be there? More to this I bet. Just saying.

  3. Google "extracting oil from flowers + butane." You'll find some interesting results involving "hash oil." There's more to this story.