Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FTM Year In Review - Top Stories of the Year (#30-#40)

2014 was a great year for FTM. In 2013 we celebrated our 1 millionth page view. It took us a little over 6 years to get to that mark. Sometime in October of this year, we surpassed the 2 million mark. That kind of growth is promising and goes to show what hard work and grinding everyday will get you.

We have become the go-to source for Fort Thomas news and our aim at having the most informed citizenry in the region will not stop. We want our readers to know the issues. We want our readers to know how our money is being spent and how the decisions in the city are made.

We have joined the WCPO News Network with the ranks of other new-media newsmakers that will extend our reach even further and have signed some partnerships with more FTMFamily members to continue our podcasts going into 2015. We will continue to bring you Fort Thomas Matters in print through the pages of the Fort Thomas Living each month.

Shopping locally has also been the cornerstone of one of FTM's goals. If we can shift our mentalities to shop here first, that is vital. Our #FTMFamily is over 50 members strong. Look for our FTMFamily to start to mobilize offline as well. Engaging our businesses will not only help our local economy, but help to build strong and sustainable business communities.

As always, a lot of this credit goes to our readers. You are the ones clicking on the stories. You are the ones who have decided to make #ShopLocal a priority. You are the ones sharing our stories and talking about them online. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Online. On the airwaves. In print. Fort Thomas Matters is here to stay. A new media. Now an established name. Here are our top stories from 2014 (#30-#40). We will share the rest later today.

#30 Highlands Beats Cov Cath - 11-21-14
#31 Former Highlands Player Inks Huge Deal - 3-12-14
#32 Kmart in Newport to Close - 1-8-14
#33 Newport Shopping Center Sold? We Address the Rumor - 1-3-14
#34 Police Swarm Imperial Apartments - 12-30-14
#35 FTM Live Election Results - 11-4-14
#36 Edyn Palmer Found Safe - 5-25-14
#37 Fire on Newman Avenue - 4-21-14
#38 Residents at Heroin Seizure Speak Out - 3-7-14
#39 Cat Found Shot Dead, Owners Looking for Answers - 6-20-14
#40 SWAT Exercises Reassure Some, Startle Others - 1-15-14

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