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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Highlands vs. Owensboro 4A State Championship GAME THREAD

Allen Ramsey,
Kickoff: Sat, Dec 6 @ 3:30 P.M. ET at Feix Field, Houchens/LT Smith Stadium
Weather: 50 degrees, 10% chance of precipitation. Winds at 10 MPH. writer, G. Michael Graham, is in Bowling Green to cover the Birds. Check back here for all of your live updates.

Owensboro has not faced Highlands since the 2000 Class 3A championship game. The Bluebirds also beat the Red Devils for the 1999 3A title. Last year, Owensboro made it to the state semifinals, before losing to eventual state champion Collins.

The Bluebirds had won six consecutive state championships before also losing to Collins last year in Dale Mueller’s final game. Brian Weinrich will attempt to lead Highlands to its state record 23rd championship.


- Officials now saying kickoff should be around 3:50. Highlands in their white jerseys, white pants.
- Highlands wins toss and elects to defer kickoff.

- TOUCHDOWN HIGHLANDS! Beau Hoge, 1 yard TD run. Methodical and efficient. Highlands running an extremely fast paced offense right now. 7-0 Birds. 
- Owensboro 40 yard TD run called back for block in the back. 
- On the very next play, a  50 yard QB keeper and Owensboro scores untouched. HHS 7 - Owensboro 7. 8:40, 1Q. 
- Highlands punts goes only to HHS 30. First down Owensboro. 7:30, 1Q.
- Highlands having difficulty stopping option. Owensboro 1st down inside HHS 10 yard line.
- Touchdown Owensboro on a 10 yard run. Owensboro 14-HHS 7. 5:33 to go in 1Q.
- Hoge pass tipped and interception. Owensboro ball on its own 40.
-Highlands forces a punt for the first time of the day. Punt is downed at the HHS 1 yard line. First and 10 HHS, 1:46 to go in 1Q.
- Nick Kendall fumbles and Owensboro recovers at HHS 39. 33 seconds to go in 1Q.
- Owensboro ball, 3rd and 8 on HHS 30.


- First play of the 2nd quarter, Owensboro throws it deep and completes a TD pass for it for it's longest play of the game. Owensboro 21-Highlands 7. 
- After a HHS face mask which gave Owensboro 15 yards on the kickoff, the Red Devils attempt an onside kick and RECOVER. Owensboro ball. Birds already with their backs against the wall. 11:43 to go in 2Q.
-Owensboro coverts a 4th and 11. 1st and 10 on HHS 14.
- Owensboro 14-yard TD run. Owensboro 28 - HHS 7. Momentum all Owensboro. Birds getting dominated in all aspects of the game. 9:40 to go in 2Q. Birds need a big drive here.
- A steady dose of Urlage and Hoge have the Birds down to the OC 4 yard line. Getting away from the pass game here. 1st down. 7:36 to go in 2Q.
- HUGE CUTBACK TD by Hoge on 4th and 1. Gutsy call. Hoge favoring right shoulder coming off the field after scoring. Owensboro 28 - HHS 14. 6:16 to go in 2Q.
- Owensboro making plays and HHS missing tackles. Unreal. OC 35 - HHS 14. 3:10 to go in 2Q.
- Quick strike. 3 plays and a TD pass to Mitchell Cain. TOUCHDOWN HHS! OC 35-HHS 21. 2:36 to go in 2Q.
- Owensboro 4th and 1 with 20 seconds to go in the half, coverts for a first down. HHS might have gotten away with pass interference at the goal line. Clock reset to 17 seconds.
- Smart play by Bradley Green, who was beaten on a play, grabs WR to save a TD. Pass interference puts ball on 12 yard line. 10 seconds to go.
- Back shoulder fade TD, Owensboro. 5 seconds to go until halftime. Highlands defense has not figured out this Owensboro offense. OC 42- HHS 21. 

HHS gets the ball out of the break. The Birds are going to have to figure out a way to stop Owensboro out of their option offense. The Red Devils are doing a good job at keeping them off balance, alternating between powerful runs up the gut with their fullback, pitches to the RBs out in space and their QB has been deadly throwing against single coverage.

3rd Quarter
-Highlands converts on 4th and 4. To get to the OC 23 yard line. Going heavy pass right now.
- 4 straight Urlage runs and a 4-yard TD run by Griffin Urlage. OC 42-HHS 28. 9:42 to go in 3rd.
- OC 3 and 10 on own 10, converts long first down. Highlands having trouble covering Owensboro air attack. Would have been a big stop. Locker has been impressive tonight.
- Finally HHS gets a defensive stop and forces a punt. Only the 2nd one of the day for the Red Devils. 6:10 to go in 3Q. Birds ball at their own 36.
- Griffin Urlage is running like a beast. Add 15 yards to the run, takes it down to OC 36 yard line. 5:31 to go in 3Q.
- HUGE THROW! 4th and 8 and a Touchdown to Chandler New! OC 42 - HHS 35. 4:42 to go in 3Q. 
- Highlands defense turning it up. Forces 2nd punt in a row and 3rd of the day. HHS w 14 unanswered points and the momentum. Down 1 score, at the OC 29 yard line. 2:48 to go in 3Q.
- Huge momentum changing play. Hoge fumbles in the redzone. That one hurts. Owensboro ball.
- 3rd and 1 on HHS 47, Owensboro ball.

-1st down Owensboro. Their 21st of the night. Birds need to tighten up.
- Rocco Pangallo with a huge play to force 4th down and 7. Red Devils going for it.
- Tried to draw the Birds offsides. Birds hold and OC calls a timeout. Pangallo and DJ Mills have been big for the Birds on D in the 2nd half.
- AUSTIN BEAL WITH A 65-yard TD RETURN FOR A TOUCHDOWN! TIE BALL GAME!!!! These KHSAA ANNOUNCERS SOUND MAD! #StopCallingUsFortThomasHighlands HHS 42-OC 42, 9:31 to go. 
- 4th and 1, OC going for it on their own 29 and get it. Get a stop there and Owensboro is in trouble. They convert, though.
- Another OC first down on HHS 47. 6:00 to go.
- Half back pass is deflected and INTERCEPTED by James Hinkle. Risky play by the Red Devils and Highlands makes them pay. 5:46 to go.
- Highlands running Hoge and Urlage successfully to the OC 15. Under 4 to go.
- 1st and goal with an Urlage run. 2:59 to go.
- Highlands still uptempo. HOGE TD. TAKES THE LEAD! 478 yards now on the game for the Birds. 2:30 to go. HHS 49-OC 42. -
- 3rd and 7 for OC. 2:00 to go. Deep in OC territory still.
- 4th and 1 on OC 41. Stop this and it's the ballgame.
- Take that back. Officials give them a first down by a centimeter. 1:45 to go.
- OC on the HHS 48. Nice pass play. First down. 1:32 to go. Clock running.
- Incomplete pass. 3rd and 4 on HHS 42. 1:04 to go.
- Caught and dropped by Owensboro inside the HHS 10. Pfew! 4th and 4.
- 46 seconds to go. HHS kneeling, OC calling their TOs.
- Great defensive adjustments by Highlands at halftime to stop that Owensboro option play.
- "Got a lot less pressure on me right now," said Dale Mueller from the sidelines.
- 4 seconds to go. 4th and 11. HHS needs to snap it, have Hoge run around for 4 seconds and THAT WILL DO IT. Hope things go to plan here. A tale of 2 halves.
- That's exactly what happens. 23 state championships in 28 tries. The most in the state of Kentucky! C-A-K-E!
- Beau Hoge wins player of the game.

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