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Monday, December 15, 2014

Metro, TANK provide services 'bridge,' unveil regional stored-value card

Regional travel doesn’t stop at the river, and now your bus pass doesn’t have to either.

Beginning Monday, Metro and the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky are introducing a new regional stored-value card that can be used on all Metro and TANK buses.

Darryl Haley, Metro’s interim CEO, and Andrew Aiello, TANK general manager, introducing the regional stored-value card with Metro operator Carl Evans and TANK operator Debra Gillen

The new cards will be available in prepaid amounts of $10, $20 and $30.

The new regional stored-value cards will be available at:

  • Metro’s ticket vending machines at Government Square and the Uptown Transit District
  • Metro/TANK sales office in the Mercantile Center, 120 E. 4th Street in Cincinnati
  • On-line ($30 value only)
Regional stored-value cards can be used like cash to pay all zone fares, buy transfers, pay discounted fares such as Fare Deal, children’s fares or UC and Cincinnati State fares, and even fares for multiple riders.

Riders should tell the Metro or TANK driver what fare they are paying and insert the cards into the slot on top of the farebox. The farebox will deduct fare from the stored-value card on each ride until all funds have been used.

“Metro is excited to partner with TANK to help create a “bridge” for the many customers who depend on both of our systems to cross the river to get to work, school and entertainment,” said Metro’s Interim CEO Darryl Haley. “This new fare option will make it easier for them to ride, highlighting the many benefits to our customers when regional transit systems work together.”

“It’s important that we make using public transportation in both states as seamless as possible. No longer will customers need to worry about having exact change or carrying two bus cards to use both systems. The new regional stored-value card just makes sense,” added TANK General Manager Andrew Aiello.

For more information about the new regional stored-value cards visit metro's website.

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