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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Police Swarm Imperial Apartments

FTPD responded to Imperial Apartments Tuesday afternoon and evening./HB 

Fort Thomas Police swarmed Imperial Apartments in Fort Thomas Tuesday afternoon.

Residents reported to FTM that police initially arrived around 3:40 p.m., and then returned again around 6 p.m. Six squad cars are reported to have arrived at the scene.

Imperial Apartments, located at the corner of S. Fort Thomas and Grand Avenues, has a history of disturbances and police responses, as reported previously by FTM.

FTM is awaiting more information from FTPD, and will update this story as it develops.

UPDATE 9:40 PM, 12-30-14:
FTM has inquires into multiple sources within the Fort Thomas Police Department. While on scene, we spoke with eye witnesses who live close to the apartments at the corner of S. Fort Thomas Avenue and Grand Avenue.

"The cops have been here three times since 7:00 tonight. I heard it was a gun from the cops mouth (found on a person who was arrested.) Apparently (the residents) are fighting amongst each other and throwing out accusations that certain people have drugs and guns. Police have to respond each time they are called. The usual bickering that takes place every day," said one eye witness.

Another witness said that one of the offenders who was eventually arrested attempted to run from the police, but was apprehended close to the building.
- Staff report


  1. Interesting from the previous article from 2013:
    Mayor Brown asked city legal counsel Jann Seidenfaden what could be done from a legislative angle. Seidenfaden explained that ordinances holding landlords legally accountable for such behavior from their tenants have been proposed to Ft. Thomas Council in the past, but has not been enacted.

    Chief Daly, Ms. Seidenfaden, and City Administrator Donald Martin plan to meet with the Patricks to discuss more details, and Mayor Brown asked the Law, Labor, & License committee to study what sort of ordinance might be passed to address such issues."

  2. I have to laugh at some of the comments on your Facebook page. My favorite is the lady with the bangs talking about the updates - or lack thereof - on the stories. Does she not realize how to use the internets? Haha. Refresh lady!

  3. Internet(s)? Is there more than one? Har har

    1. Yes there are two actually. The real one that everybody uses every day, and the one Al Gore invented.

  4. Seems like if these apartments are truly an issue, it would be pretty easy to penalize the owners in some capacity. Is this a case of the city just choosing to do nothing rather than truly improving the city?

  5. I have to say the police in ft.thomas are very racists to black African-American i use to be a resident in ft.thomas they will harass the hell out of you as if you are a criminal even if your not i fill as if they need to be worrying about the local rapist in the area that look at children you will be surprised on how many live in the area an as far as Ann Kramer i do agree on her being a slum landlord that will never change because if your on hud housing she will always get paid...

    1. I'm sorry but this is not true I'm guessing you much have lived here at one time cause you have a lot to say about Ann

  6. OK that is quite enough I live at this Apartments as of right now I have lived here for about 4 or 5 years and I have to say that miss Ann Kramer is not a slumlord she is a very great woman who will help anybody out it is not her fault that for some reason people invite their friends here and the Fort Thomas police department would have to come out and I do have to say the fort thomas is not racists I see them on numerous occasions coming out here and playing with the kids who live here now whoever wrote that last comment must have been an ex tenant who probably got evicted because of the same exact thing that this article is about Thank you and as of right now anN Kramer and her maintenance staff has been cracking down on a lot of the stuff that has happened here with evictions and letters that have went out to tenants so stuff is changing for the better I'm sorry but that not right to say any of that .