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Friday, January 16, 2015

BUDDING JOURNALIST: Cool Jobs Around Town - WieFit's Brian Wiefering

WieFit, located in Newport, was launched by Brian Wiefering./Google

by FTM "Budding Journalist" Lexie Crawford

Have you ever gone to the gym WieFit, in Newport, Kentucky? If you have, then you might know the owner, Mr. Brian Wiefering. Well, this article is all about him. A few of you may already know, I have been writing a series of articles about people around Fort Thomas with cool jobs. This time, let's turn the spotlight to Brian!

Mr. Wiefering is the owner of WieFit, which is a personal training, nutrition, and group fitness company.  Before he started WieFit, he was working at a science/DNA laboratory. About 10 years ago,  people would ask him for fitness advice because he competed in bodybuilding shows. He would help them, but later decided to quit his job and charge money for his help.

He feels one of the best things about his job is being able to help people. He loves seeing people happy and healthy. Mr. Wiefering says, "I think it’s pretty cool owning my own company and being able to teach my employees how to become better people both at work, and outside of work! I think it’s also pretty cool to own your own company because if you work really hard, you can become successful. The outcome of my company is dependent on how hard and smart I work. So, if I fail, I can only blame myself. I guess you can say that I control my own destiny!"

Well, how does he do his job? There are many things he and his employees do on a daily basis.

They meet with people and help them eat a healthier diet. He says, "Some people want to gain muscle weight, maybe for a sport. Some people want to lose fat, and we help them do that. And some people want to gain muscle AND lose fat at the same time, and we help them do that by teaching them what foods, and how much food they should be eating." They also help people learn how to exercise, and they motivate them to exercise harder than they would on their own.

Mr. Wiefering says, "We also get to work with a lot of people who play sports—even professional baseball and football players from the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and other pro teams! Sometimes we get free tickets to their games!"

Along with any job comes struggles. When asked what is the hardest part about your job, he replied, "The hardest thing about my job is having to fire an employee. Even after I try and be the best boss possible for them, and teach them everything to be successful, sometimes people choose to do wrong things. And sometimes those things might really be bad for the company and other people. Sitting down with an employee and telling them that they cannot work anymore at WieFit is very tough. I’ve only had to do it a few times, but it is so hard. They are still people, so you have to forgive them, but you also have to do what you feel is best for the company. And many times, it’s what is best for that person because they may learn from it and not do it when they get another job." 

If you think this would be a cool job, he supplied me with some things to tell you about having this job. You should know how to run a business, and you should know about nutrition and exercise. You also should know how to be very nice to people!

So there is yet another cool job that belongs to a Fort Thomas resident. Mr. Wiefering loves his work, and who wouldn’t with this awesome job! If you think having his job, or any of the jobs in the articles I'm writing would be cool, follow the instructions the people with that job tell you to do.   If you'd like to visit his business, it's located at 846 Monmouth Street in Newport, KY.

Lexie Crawford, Highlands Middle School sixth grader, is a FTM "Budding Journalist."

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