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Monday, January 12, 2015

BUDDING JOURNALIST: Meet Stefanie Kremer, Forensic Scientist

by FTM "Budding Journalist" Lexie Crawford

I hope you liked my last story in my new series. That was about our wonderful Fort Thomas Firefighter and Paramedic, Chris Rust. We're continuing with some Fort Thomas cool jobs and this time with, Stefanie Kremer

Stefanie is a forensic chemist at the Forensic Chemistry Center located at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Her job, in short, is to analyze evidence related to criminal cases which use FDA-regulated products. If they are made by the FDA she makes sure there are not defects in the manufacturing process or if they are illegally made not certified by the FDA.

Everyday she gets to do what she loves, and get paid for it! If you want to have her awesome job someday, you must love science, be very good at it, and have a clear background check. Although she is awesome at her job, there are a few things she finds difficult.

"The hardest thing about my job is learning the background of some of the cases I work on. Sometimes people get hurt or sick from FDA-regulated products and we have to try to figure out what happened," she said. "I don't like reading about people, especially children, who are hurt or sick." 

Luckily there are still a billion things she does like. Just a few benefits is that her workplace is flexible when it comes to scheduling time to work. She is able to work more hours early in the week so that she can have a shorter workday on Fridays. It's a very nice benefit to be able to schedule non-work appointments.

So now you know about yet another cool job of someone living in Fort Thomas. I have more to write, and one of these jobs may end up belonging to you.

Lexie Crawford, Highlands Middle School sixth grader, is FTM's "Budding Journalist" contributor. 

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