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Monday, January 19, 2015

Campbell Co. GOP Announces KY Governor's Race Endorsement

James Comer and Taylor Mill's Chris McDaniel (pictured, left) have received the Campbell County GOP's nomination for this year's race for KY Governor./LRC

In a meeting Tuesday evening of the Campbell County Republican Executive Committee it was announced that the party had made the decision to formally endorse the Comer/McDaniel ticket for Governor/Lt. Governor in the upcoming May primary. Both Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer and State Senator Chris McDaniel were in attendance.

“Our executive committee understands that this type of endorsement is not traditionally made in a primary election, but we believe so strongly that current Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and State Senator Chris McDaniel are the best candidates to move our State forward and bring jobs back to Kentucky, we felt this endorsement was more than warranted.”

The formal endorsement included a $5,000 contribution to the Comer/McDaniel campaign. “We didn’t want to just put forward a customary verbal endorsement but also wanted to help the campaign financially. The Executive Committee feels that official and the financial endorsement helps show in the strongest way possible, our commitment to the success of our party and our desire to help our fellow citizens not just in Northern Kentucky, but through the entire state” said Jeff Kidwell, CCRP Chairman.

Senator Jim Bunning, via proxy, seconded both motions to endorse and contribute to the Comer/McDaniel ticket.

“All Republicans must pull together early to build the team necessary to make sure that the best Republican candidate becomes our next Kentucky Governor. We believe that team is James Comer and Chris McDaniel.

"We must improve the economy and the lives of our fellow Kentuckians. Our executive committee believes that the Comer/McDaniel ticket is the best vehicle to achieve those goals and we are proud to be the first County to make this bold and meaningful statement,” said Campbell County Republican Chairman Jeff Kidwell.

- via CCRP


  1. James Comer, Richie Farmer’s Budget-Boy [ ], has no chance at becoming governor. Comer's brutal domestic violence incident from his college days is finally catching up with him, along with all his lies, which is why Conway wants Comer to be nominated.

    Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway didn't even have to look to find out about Comer's incident. It found him. Conway’s father, F. Thomas Conway, is a native of Union County, Kentucky. The victim of Comer’s brutal domestic violence incident is also a native of Union County, Kentucky. (Chuck Stinnett, "Victor's victory: Union Co. native Conway taking contender to Derby," The Gleaner, April 24, 2010.

    Conway tipped his brother about a drug investigation and his brother has a domestic violence incident too, although it is nowhere near as severe as Comer's. That is why Conway's people are trying to get the C-J to sit on their story until after the primary: Conway wants to face Comer. It guarantees him a victory and completely neutralizes his problem with his brother.
    More Info: and

    1. What a troll. Go take a look at Mr. Rainbow boy's profile, he's clearly a shill for Comer's opposition. Good luck with that. Comer will make a great Governor