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Friday, January 9, 2015

Could This Fort Thomas Guardrail Cause More Harm than Good?

Does this guardrail along Route 8 actually pose more of a threat than provide safety?/MG

When driving down KY Route 8, as it stretches down along the Fort Thomas riverfront, have you ever noticed this guardrail? If you overlooked it completely, it is probably because it might as well not even be there.

The guardrail, located along KY 8 in Fort Thomas, has slipped below the level of the road, leaving very little protection for vehicles that might swerve off the road.

One citizen wrote to FTM about the guardrail, saying, "At best, I can't believe the guardrail offers any safety. At worst it looks to me as though, if someone runs off the road, the car might get hung up on the guardrail, causing the car to flip over."

FTM inquired about the guardrail to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Andy Yeager, Transportation Engineer Supervisor for KYTC District 6, explained that this section of KY 8 along the Ohio River is exceptionally prone to slippage. As a result, he said, it has required re-patching on multiple occasions.

This, we are told, is what has led to the dropping of the guardrail.

"KYTC does its best to maintain and keep the roadway open," he said. "We will have to coordinate this work with all of the other interstate repairs that are necessary." 

This section of KY 8 has been submitted to KYTC-6's list of guardrails to be repaired, Yeager said. FTM is still waiting to hear about a timeframe within which it is expected to be repaired.

This story will be updated.

- Staff report

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  1. Just as dangerous what about the lack of a guardrail at the intersection Memorial Parkway and West Southgate. That steep slope that goes down to the reservoir is an accident waiting to happen.