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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DUI Arrest/Crash Leads to Damage of Fort Thomas Business

Ford Ellington Florist was damaged as a result of a DUI  suspected crash. 
Ford Ellington Florist was damaged early Sunday morning as a result of a vehicle crash. The suspect who was driving the car was arrested on suspicion of DUI around 2:30 AM.

Owner of Ford Ellington Florist, Kevin Ford, received a call from Fort Thomas Police around 3:00 AM and was told that his business at 16 N. Fort Thomas had been damaged.

The inside of the window.
Laura Schaber, an employee at Ford Ellington Florist, said that the driver ran into their van parked on the street in from of their business and had somehow gone up onto the sidewalk and into the glass storefront. "(The police) found his car and our van across the street at the entrance of US Bank," said Schaber. "They heard him say that he hit the van because he had thought it was parked in the middle of the street."

Ford Ellington Florist is still waiting on insurance adjusters to find out the cost of the damage to the store. The van, which was not totaled, underwent extensive damage as well totaling around $6,000.

"We thought we were ahead of the game too because we had just finished putting out our wedding display for our rental business," said Schaber.

No one was hurt as a result of the accident.

The van was originally parked in the other direction on N. Fort Thomas Ave. 
This story will be updated.

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