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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Duke Energy to Begin Required Gas Line Inspections in Fort Thomas

Required inspections of residential gas lines will begin next month./CC

City Administrator Don Martin announced earlier this month that he has been contacted by Duke Energy regarding upcoming, required gas line inspections throughout the city of Fort Thomas.

The communication he received, which has also been sent out to residents who will be affected, indicates that the inspection of exposed gas piping and metering equipment is required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

The inspections will take place throughout February and March.

Duke Energy issued this statement regarding the inspection:
Duke Energy Kentucky wants to inform you of the DOT-required inspection and that we have contracted Southern Cross to complete these inspections at residences and businesses with inside gas meters. The Southern Cross will be readily identifiable by wearing a visible Southern Cross picture ID on the outside of the uniform and having a contact phone number for the customer to call for verification of the Duke Energy Kentucky inspection.  
Southern Cross technicians will be driving a Southern Cross or personal vehicle with a Southern Cross logo, so you and members of your community should not expect to see the technician in a Duke Energy vehicle.
More information can be found at

- Staff report

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  1. Hope they do away with having a Meter Reader coming into residences every month. The gas meter should be read from outside just like the electric and other meters. This stranger coming into the home is dangerous in this day and age. And, to skip the meter reading means an estimated gas bill which I don't like as I like to know exactly how much gas I am using each month and what it costs.