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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Planet Fitness in Newport Evacuated

Planet Fitness, Newport Plaza. Facebook. 
UPDATE: According to authorities on the scene, the smoke and subsequent smell that caused the evacuation at Planet Fitness originated from Remke Market. A manager at Planet Fitness that asked to not be named said that there was a mechanical malfunction at Remke Market and the ventilation system filtered smoke into Planet Fitness.

Thirty minutes after it was evacuated, they are open for business and will be open tomorrow. "If you can stand the smell, you can still work out," said the manager.


Smoke cleared Planet Fitness in Newport at about 6:30 Thursday night. Three emergency units responded to the scene.

Around 75 customers were forced from their workouts as they spilled out to the parking lot in an already crowded Newport Plaza.

Tyler Lewin was running on a treadmill when an alarm went off. "It was pretty calm actually. Someone got on a loud speaker and told us that smoke had been reported and that they had to clear the building. There was really no panic about the situation."

Firefighters on scene did not seem to be rushing and patrons slowly filed out. No damage was apparent from the outside of the facility.

This story will be updated.

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  1. My son was in the tanning bed when Planet Fitness was evacuated. He tells a different story!! Extreme chaos from the staff.. Glad nobody was injured