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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Keep Your Furnace At Its Best in the Winter

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Birkley Services has some tips for your home during these cold months. Like their Facebook page for more tips or call them at 781-5500 at the first sign of trouble.

The frigid weather is upon us. Here are some tips to keep your furnace at its best:
1) Put in a fresh air filter.
2) Make sure all supply and return air grilles are open and unobstructed.
3) During these extreme temps, set your thermostat and leave it there.
4) Close all curtains and blinds (unless the sun is shinning through a window). This will act as insulation for the window.
5) Limit the use of exhaust fans. ie; bath fans, kitchen fans and clothes dryers vented to the outside. In this weather any small problem quickly becomes a big problem.

Here is another tip for this arctic weather: the news reporters are telling us to turn down our thermostats in this weather. I heard them tell us to turn them down as much as 10 degrees. Yes you may save a few dollars on utility bills but you could be costing yourself a lot more in the long run.

I have seen several cases where turning the thermostat down caused pipes to freeze. The less heat in your home, the more susceptible your pipes are to freezing. It is especially bad if you heat with a water boiler. Set the thermostat to a normal temperature and leave it!

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