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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BREAKING: Newport Police Searching for Carjacking Suspect

Clifford Dragoo was found safe in Over-The-Rhine, near the intersection of Logan and Green. The suspect is still loose. Surveillance footage at Remke is being distributed:
STILL AT LARGE: The suspect of the carjacking in Newport.

PLATE 7737742
2006 Black Chrysler Town and Country Mini-Van.
LOOKING FOR SUSPECT: Heavy-set African American, in his 30-40s.

51-year old Clifford Dragoo was in the backseat when the carjacking took place

This occurred at around 2:45 PM in the Target parking lot. Police say Clifford Dragoo, 51-yr-old disabled man believed to be in vehicle. The 51-year-old was wearing a gray fleece jacket, blue jeans and a hat with the words "Hooked on Jesus" printed on it. Police described Dragoo as mentally handicapped.

Police said a man attempted to shoplift cigarettes at Remke Markets. The confrontation led to a scuffle and the man pointed a handgun at the Remke employee, authorities said.

Newport police said the man then ran to a parking lot near BW3 and Chipotle and jumped into the passenger seat of a dark, 2006 Chrysler mini-van.

The man then pulled out his weapon and forced the driver out while several people nearby tried to stop him, police said.

Officers have not released a description of the suspect.

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