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Saturday, January 3, 2015

UPDATE: Mysterious Fatal Crash in Newport Will Need DNA Testing

Police continue to investigate a mysterious, fatal crash in Newport on Wednesday/via WLWT

Local police are still scratching their heads over what exactly caused a car to crash into a wall in Newport on Wednesday, killing a passenger and leading to a search for the missing driver.

Newport Police are now saying DNA forensics will have to be a part of the investigation.

The fatal accident on Wednesday was not discovered until Thursday, according to police, because the vehicle appeared to be parked in the parking lot of Penn Station East Coast Subs, near the intersection of Carrothers Rd. and Alexandria Pike in Newport.

Officials explained they found a passenger, Jordan McElroy of Anderson, killed in the vehicle, but no one in the driver's seat. Police say that the search for the driver has, so far, led to a number of cold trails. 

It is possible, police say, McElroy was the driver and climbed into the passenger seat before dying due to injury. 

Police are now looking to DNA sampling to shed more light on the case. Samples have been sent to the state lab in Frankfort for analysis. 

- Staff report

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