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Monday, January 19, 2015

What Happened at Imperial Apartments This Time?

Michael Fox was arrested at Imperial Apartments in Fort Thomas last month./CCDC

Last month, Fort Thomas Matters followed an extended police response to Imperial Apartments, located at the intersection of S. Fort Thomas and Grand Avenues. Now, FTM has learned what happened.

Michael Fox (pictured above) was taken under arrest at the scene on Dec. 30.

Eyewitness accounts from the scene reported what sounded like a domestic disturbance in one of the apartments. One eyewitness said, "(The residents) are fighting amongst each other and throwing out accusations that certain people have drugs and guns."

Eyewitnesses also reported that a suspect had fled the scene upon the arrival of the police.

FTPD and the Campbell County Detention Center have both confirmed Fox, a convicted felon, was in possession of a firearm and did attempt to flee the scene. He was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, attempting to evade or flee police, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Imperial Apartments residents have been no strangers to disturbances and police visits over the last several years. Last month's incident was just the latest in a string of police responses to the location, despite Police Chief Mike Daly's report during a 2013 City Council meeting that police patrolling has been increased in the area.

At that same meeting, City Attorney Jann Seidenfaden explained that ordinances that would hold landlord's more accountable for the behavior of their tenants have been proposed in the past, but never enacted.

- Staff report


  1. Who is the landlord?

  2. According to public record, owners of the property at 825-831 S Grand Avenue are Kramer Apts LLC with a mailing address of 55 Cedarview, Alexandria KY.

  3. I bet that's Jerry Kramer-slumlord! He buys up cheap property for rentals and the places get trashed

  4. Well if you're thinking Jerry Kremer (correct spelling) you would be wrong, check your spelling and facts.

  5. Another case where City leadership needs to show its face. I would look to Mayor HAAS to lead the greenhorns on Council in the direction of taking tangible action. This is unacceptable ANYWHERE in FT, especially in such an otherwise nice area of beautiful homes and near the Fort and Saint Thomas. I would hope that seasoned professionals like Chief Daley and staff could effectively deal with this even with current statutes, but if new law is needed to hold slumlords accountable, let's do it.

    1. I suggest adding your mortgagee to the list of responsible parties. Not much different than having the landlord responsible for losers. Lets let the police do police work. Or better yet lets put the obligation on the nieghbors as well. This will then allow the government to confiscate landlord and additional citizens..the neighbors... property for funding their operations that the failed policing may have caused in the first place. The lieberitarin Landlord

  6. Ann Kramer is not a slum lord And #1 all of these charges were dropped And #2 this individual does not actually live here he was visiting #3 I don't think it is right to comment and say stuff about people when you don't know them and you don't know the circumstances great article though.. Again should get the facts straight before posting I live here and its not right making this great woman who as far as I have seen since I've lived here the only thing that she's done wrong is felt bad for people and let them move into her apartment and they are the ones who had the cops called on them not her ..

  7. Landlords are responsible for those they rent to.