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Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Championship for Highlands High School: JAMFest

As a nearly 30-year old woman, when I hear JAMfest, I think of an awesome weekend making homemade fruit spreads! Turns out, that’s not right at all (although we should totally have such a fruit festival).  JAMfest Super Nationals, which occurred at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center February 13-15, is one of the largest national dance team competitions in the country for girls of all ages.

This year, the Highlands High School girls varsity team were the champions in their division in the “Variety” category, the “Hip Hop” category, and 3rd place in the “pom” category.  In addition to these prestigious honors, the team won the Overall Dance Champion for the “hip hop” division, meaning they were the best at hip-hop of any team, no matter the age or division, at the competition.

Erin Janson, coach of the girls’ varsity team since its inception nine years ago, advised us that the team has been attending JAMfest Dance Super Nationals every year but this is their best showing at the competition.  Jenna Weyer, proud older sister of a competitor and tipster to FTM of the victory (thanks avid reader!), states “this is the first time the Highlands Varsity Team has taken home so many titles at this […] nationally ranked competition”.  Weyer also advised that the program has grown from 16 girls when it started to now 24 girls and the schools have added a middle school team in 2010 and a junior varsity team in 2011, both of which also competed at the event.

Next stop for the varsity team is Orlando, Florida for the National Dance Alliance in the beginning of March.  If they perform more show-stoppers like the below number, Florida will have never been hotter! To view the performance click here

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