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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bargains and Buyouts: Cincinnati's Best Kept Secret

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By Sarah Petracco

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've received numerous emails regarding Bargains & Buyouts. Please note I am not affiliated with this store in any way, I just shopped there and wrote about my experience.  I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. Happy shopping!

Have you heard of Bargains & Buyouts on the west side of Cincinnati? I've read numerous posts by local bloggers raving about this store.

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I finally visited this store and the bloggers weren't kidding. This store is amazing! If you're in need of furniture or accents, now's the time to ask Santa for a little cash to save for a Bargains & Buyouts trip over holiday break!

Since we've moved into a new house, I have plenty of furniture needs, so I decided it was time to make the trip to Bargains & Buyouts. I plugged the address into my phone and my mom and I headed out on Black Friday.

First of all, this store is huge. It has a warehouse feel, but a nice wooden floor. The heat was lacking, but I was able to forget about that when I saw the amazing prices.

Right away, I noticed the price tags. Each price tag featured the retail price and the Bargains & Buyouts price. I was blown away by how reasonable their prices were - cheaper than TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Target! And, these products were on point with the latest trends! They weren't outdated pieces.

Within the first ten minutes, I spotted an outdoor chair (marked $20) and two ottomans (one for $99 and one for $189) that I wanted to take home. I quickly grabbed a sales associate and asked him what to do.

The sales guys response: "You want both ottomans. I'll do both for $200." My jaw dropped. What???? You can bargain the already rock bottom prices???? I was shocked, and delighted! I said, "Deal!" and with that, he told me to drag my pieces to the "hold" area in the front of the store. He also wrote me a little receipt outlining the price he quoted. He told me to hold onto the quote until I was ready to check out.

Knowing that prices were so cheap, I was so excited to see what the rest of the warehouse had in store for me.

In all, I ended up purchasing more pieces than I could fit into my car:
Two ottomans ($200 total)
Two small side/accent tables (one for $30, one for $40)
An outdoor chair ($20)
A ghost chair ($30)
A floor lamp ($65)
A massive area rug ($120)
A rug for my sister-in-law ($75)
An upholstered chair for my sister-in-law ($75)

I purchased every item in this photo, minus the ladder, bed frame and Christmas inflatable, plus a few more things not photographed.

I loved the detail and shape in the upholstered chair I picked up for my sister-in-law. This chair was marked $120, but I negotiated a price of $75. A total win!

I also scored this rug for $75. We'll be using it for my sister-in-law's bedroom redesign. Catch a sneak peak of her room design project here.

I was totally in love with this chair. If they had two, I would have scooped them up for our master bedroom. It was marked $100, but I bet you could have negotiated down to $75.

I also loved this ottoman. So gorgeous!

A couple things to keep in mind when shopping at Bargains & Buyouts...
Dress warm, but comfy (you'll have to move some of the objects yourself)
Negotiate with a sales rep before getting to the checkout counter. They have no patience for questions regarding your final price at the cashier's stand.
Consider your driving arrangements. Bring the biggest vehicle you can find. Also, pack blankets, tarp, bubble wrap, etc...whatever you need to project your furniture when transporting it.

Here's a quick look at one of the ottomans and one of the side tables.

If you're in need of furniture or home accents, I highly recommend you head over to Bargains & Buyouts to experience this for yourself! You definitely won't regret it. In fact, you'll feel like you've landed in furniture heaven.

Bargains & Buyouts
5150 Glencrossing Way
Cincinnati, OH 45238

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