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Monday, February 2, 2015

BREAKING: Remke Markets in Newport to Close

Remke Markets. Via Yelp. 
Fort Thomas Matters has learned that longtime Newport Plaza stalwart, Remke Markets will close March 8.

According to an employee at the store, CEO Matthew Remke, the store director and a human resources representative delivered the news this morning to the employees. There are currently 58 employees at the Newport location.

The lease, which was a 5-year term, was ending and Remke and the landlord of the property could not come to terms.

According to Pat Iasillo, Remke Biggs Director of Customer Relations, the corporate office will try to locate positions among the other 12 Remke Biggs stores in the area.

When Kroger Marketplace and Target opened in late 2009 and early 2010, respectively, many wondered about the longterm viability of Remke Market and K-Mart on Carothers Road. Kmart closed last March and it looks like the Newport Pavilion will deliver another blow to it's nearby competitors.

"It didn't help (when Kroger and Target opened," said Iasillo. "There's only so much business that can go around. The feasibility of having the store open (with the lease negotiation) were the main reasons for the decision."

The closest Remke store to Fort Thomas are in Fort Mitchell and Taylor Mill.

This story will be updated.


  1. Sorry, I just can't believe that it was Newport Pavilion that forced Remke's hand on this one. Last time I checked, there are also Kroger stores in Kenton county. If Kroger and Remke can co-exist there, why not in Campbell County as well? I go to Remke's fairly often and it's never empty. I think the gym traffic has made it extremely difficult for the older shoppers to find parking spaces; that parking lot is a nightmare now.
    Why Planet Fitness couldn't have gobbled up the entire upper shopping plaza (where Ace and Hallmark are) is beyond me. There is more than ample parking there.
    I'll be sad to see Remke's go, but I hardly blame Target or Kroger for the Newport store demise.

    1. True. Hyde Park Plaza has a Remke and Kroger in the same shopping center. The quality of produce and lack of variety at the Newport Remke compelled me to go to Kroger instead (though Kroger is nothing to brag about either). However, the Remke store was less of a madhouse and for planning last minute holiday meals Remke was always stocked and dependable unlike Kroger.

  2. So sad, many of those employees have been there for years. I personally will miss Remke, it is like shopping at a family store. Everyone has always been helpful and pleasant. They will be missed.

  3. Sadly the upper plaza isn't what it once was. The amount of traffic there is not even comparable to the ones that you get at the intersection of Carothers and Pavilion Pkway. As well there isn't that much of a visual appearance that you would get being in the upper plaza. While down by the Plaza you're in plain site from all directions. Just in my opinion.

  4. The parking lot around Remke's is no worse than that of the Newport Pavilion. That being said, the traffic in that specific parking lot is horrific. Remke's always seemed so dark and a bit dingy. Even though I work out at Planet Fitness, if I need groceries, I go to Kroger. There is no organic food section at Remke, and the selection is just not there. I hope that the employees will be able to find employment at other Remke stores, or elsewhere.