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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fit Philosophie Gets Mothers and More in Shape

Jennifer Heindl, a member of Fit Philopsophie's community, and her newest addition.
A new baby means sleepless nights, endless feedings and diaper changes, and a schedule that revolves around the new bundle of joy. The task isn’t an easy one to take on and for mothers, adding “get pre-baby-body back” is a task that falls to the bottom of the priority of the list after the baby arrives. Fit Philosophie in Fort Thomas, an exercise studio created and run by Jennifer Lynn, makes  getting back in shape for mothers, among many other people, a possible task.

Mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old and an eight-month-old, Whitney Ellison joined Fit Philosophie after having her first child. Ellison jogged regularly past the studio, and decided to stop one day to see what it was about.

“I specifically went there to lose the baby weight, but I kept working out there because I developed a lot of friends there,” she said. “It just became a really nice way of self care.”

 Lynn prides Fit Philosophie on being a place for people to exercise and enjoy living fit lifestyles together.

“It’s a little community of people who have all made friends through the studio,” Lynn said.
 Lynn regularly invites guests to educate members of the studio on healthy eating, meditation and other well being tips. In the next few weeks, Lynn has sessions about grilling food and storing it for later meals for families, restorative properties of aroma therapy.

Lindsey Collier, mother of an 8-month old told the same story. "I was in the best shape of my life because of Fit Philosophie. Then I got pregnant! I was so worried that my body would not get back to where I was before, but Jenn assured me we would get their together and she was right. It's the community, family-type environment that is different from other workout places for me."

Lindsey Collier with her family's newest addition.
A mother herself, Lynn says that the hardest part about getting back into shape after having a baby is finding the time.

“I have to keep my classes on schedule,” she said. “It’s hard to get a routine going. One week you might go in the morning, another week you might go at night.”

Ellison agrees, saying that making time is the hardest part of getting back in shape.

“Once you start to make time, it becomes easier because you carve that out and it just becomes part of your schedule,” she said.

Lynn said that for new mothers, she focuses on muscles that have changed during pregnancy and gets them back to pre-pregnancy strength.

“You have to retrain your body and get those muscles to wake up,” she said.

Jennifer Heindl has been doing pilates with  Fit Philosophie since January 2013 and is just starting to get back to working out since having our third baby, Eleanor, in November. "When I went back to class for the first time after her birth I was so scared that all the exercises would be impossible and I would end up feeling defeated after losing so much ground physically. But, it was just the opposite. I ended up feeling empowered!" she said. "Honestly, it's harder than ever to find the motivation to work out when there's a baby to be snuggled and it's cold outside and my pajama pants are so comfortable. But that 1 hour for myself brings so much clarity and perspective and energy. I love the way I feel when class is over. I've never regretted going but I've definitely regretted it when I put it off. 

New mothers, or anyone  looking for a healthier lifestyle can find a personalized experience at Fit Philosphie. 

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  1. And, might I add, that while these new mothers are looking great, Jenn has gotten us "old" mothers in great shape too. She has been my saving grace during this nasty unrelenting winter. Just when I think I might sit in my comfy chair and munch on chips, I get my tail kicked in pilates, and get back on the fitness train! Can't thank her enough!!