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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fort Thomas City Council Notes (2-17-15)

The Fort Thomas City Council met last week. The two biggest agenda items included the recommendation from the Public Works Committee for the 2015 Street Repair Program and an update on a new direction for the rehabilitation of the historic VA homes.

You can read both of those items here:

Which residents will be selected to help pay for Fort Thomas' streets this year?
What is the new plan for the VA homes?

Fire Report:
- Chief Mark Bailey reported that evacuation plans for all seven schools in Fort Thomas are currently being updated. They are working in conjunction with school officials.

- The Fire Department also received grants for two dangerous gas detectors in the amount of $1,500.

- Chief Bailey also talked about a situation where a frantic woman, who had just come from the Highland Hills Dog Park, came to the fire station with her injured dog. The dog had been cut on something in the dog park, which was not able to be identified.

The firefighters on staff catered to the woman, gauzed and taped the dog's foot and got them on their way to a vet.

Police Report:
-Chief Mike Daly reported an incident on January 21st at the dog park where multiple vehicles had their windows smashed out and were robbed of goods inside the cars.

He reported the next day a similar incident led to two females being arrested near Cleveland, Ohio. According to Daly, this is a national trend. The ironic part is that in the incident in Fort Thomas, the car doors were unlocked.

He reminded citizens to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

- There were six accidents caused by the winter weather event last week. That did not include an injury accident in front of Highlands on Saturday.

- The department received grants for 8 body armor vests, which coincidentally, they were getting ready to purchase.

City Administrator Report:
- The city website is being constructed. Some new features will include being able to make sports recreation payments online, renting the city's community centers and archiving the city council meetings digitally.

New Business:
- City council voted 6-0 a measure to eliminate one city council meeting per month. Council meetings will now be held on the third Monday each month, except in June and September, where there will be an additional meeting held on the first Monday.

- Council approved a resolution 5-0 that the Carmelite Sisters of Carmel Manor needed in order to get construction bonds approved to bring more nursing home beds to the facility.

Councilman, John Muller, recused himself from the vote because he is employed by Carespring, which also deals with nursing and care facilities.

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