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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Monthly Report (January 2015)

A car slid off of Memorial Parkway on Monday during the heaviest of the snow fall.  Reader submitted photo.

Fort Thomas Police Chief Mike Daly started the police report at the (2-17-15) council meeting by commending the public works department for the job they did clearing the streets. With the majority of snow coming falling earlier in the week, there had only been six traffic accidents caused by the weather in three days. 

Last month there were 26 accidents reported.

Detective Cases
There were 6 new cases the Detectives received in January: 4 Thefts, 1 Criminal Mischief and 1 Stalking cases. 

Officers has seen an increased amount of vehicle collisions believed to be related to heroin. During a two week span in early January, there were four accidents on 471 caused by heroin. Fort Thomas Police are dealing with heroin daily and both patrol and investigative units have to manage it. 

Enforcement Summary
Non-Traffic Charges were down from January 2014. 
January 2014 - 47 charges
January 2015 - 37 charges

Of the 37 charges, 15 were drug related and 18 were warrants served. In 2014 there were 22 related drug charges. 

Traffic Charges remained basically unchanged from 2014. 
January 2014 - 112
January 2015 - 114

There were 8 and 6 DUI in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Additionally there were 24 and 31 speeding violations in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 

Juvenile charges were down from 2014. 

There were 12 total charges in 2014, all alcohol and drug related. There were only 5 total charges this January, 4 assaults and 1 drug related charge. 

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  1. 31 speeding? 114 Traffic charges? Is this a misprint or a joke? There is a real problem with the HUGE number of drivers going 35 to 40 mph on Ft. Thomas Avenue (north and south). Also everyone goes 50 to 60 mph down Grand Avenue from Highland to the Pavilion. We should see at least a couple of hundred tickets for speeding in Fort Thomas every day. Not to mention violations for not stopping at stop signs. There is practically NO One that stops at a red octagonal sign. Have drivers forgotten what these mean? Every individual should be required to take a driving test every year and that would cut down on the idiot drivers who think they have to be some where before everyone else.

  2. You can pick up 100 failure to stop tickets at the bottom of Clover Ridge every morning between the hours of 6:30am and 7:30am. (Easy pickn's)