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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heroin Bill in Committee (HB 213)

rises, asks that we sharpen our focus on important issues still facing , heroin in particular. Photo via @KYSenateGOP (twitter).
House and Senate answers to heroin epidemic (HB213 and SB5) have more in common than different. -@RepJohnTilley #kyga15

Live Updates: (via Bluegrass Politics, KY House Democrats, KY House GOP).

Senate Judiciary Cmte to hear House's heroin bill (HB 213) at 8 am Wed. Headed for conference cmte and a final deal?

Senate Judiciary Cmte takes up House heroin bill, but just to talk, not to vote. Senate has its own heroin bill. No deal yet.

#kyga15 nearly 2/3 over. Is today really first time the House & Senate have compared their competing heroin bills? Clock is ticking.

Rep John Tilley tells Senate Judiciary Cmte the needle exchange in House heroin bill would save lives, put politics aside. #kyga15

Rep John Tilley tells Senate Judiciary Cmte the House heroin bill tries to separate addicts/peddlers from traffickers. #kyga15

Photo via @DennisKeene (Twitter)

Attending the Senate Judiciary hearing on the heroin bill, with Chairman @RepJohnTilley testifying this morning. (@DennisKeene)

.@RepJohnTilley says 13 cases w/ >1kg of heroin prosecuted in Jefferson Co. 2011-13, would face more time under HB213. #kyga15

Sen. Will Schroder argues that few dealers sell as much as a kilo, the trigger for a Class B felony in the House #heroin bill. #kyga15

.@RepJohnTilley says research shows more time in jail for heroin users doesn't break cycle of addiction, treatment does. #kyga15

. @RepJohnTilley says needle exchanges encourage treatment, reduce disease. Asks lawmakers to put politics aside, approve provision kyga15

.@RepJohnTilley says HB213 puts naloxone - medication that stops an overdose - in hands of first responders, firefighters, police. #kyga15

Talks continue in Sen. hearing House @RepJohnTilley #Heroin Bill. Users n Needle exchange program 5X more likely 2 get treatment. #kyga15

Photo via Chris McDaniel
Via Chris McDaniel:@wilschroder asking questions on the House's heroin bill. Kudos to @kywhitney for hearing this bill quickly even though the House has sat on the Senate's bill and taken no action for nearly two months!

.@RepJohnTilley says needle exchange provision included in bill because "it works", House voted unanimously to approve. #kyga15

.@RepJohnTilley says local-option needle exchanges would allow, not require, cities to set up exchanges to fight disease. #kyga15

.@RepJohnTilley says HB213 creates 3-tiered system for penalties based on amount of heroin: peddling, trafficking, aggravated. #kyg15

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