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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Buckets for Brady Winner Donates Money Back to Family

PHOTO: Allen Ramsey, Highlands senior Cashel Coughlan laughs before participating in the halftime contest of the Buckets for Brady fundraiser Friday. Coughlan finished runner-up in the contest, but gave $30 of the $50 he won to the family of Highlands freshman Brady Walz.

Many people realize that cancer creates emotional stress on families.

But they don’t often realize how much financial stress it can cause as well. That is why Highlands senior Cashel Coughlan donated $30 of the $50 he won in the halftime contest of the Highlands-Beechwood boys basketball game for the Buckets for Brady fundraiser to Brady Walz’ family. Walz, a Highlands freshman, was diagnosed with Pre-B Lymphoblastic Leukemia in May of last year.

“I just decided Brady deserved and needed the money more than me,” Coughlan said. “Every little bit that can help can make a big difference.”

The law offices of Fessler, Schneider and Grimme, LLP have been donating to the family cause all season. Coughlan was one of two students randomly selected to partake in the contest. He won $50 for being the runner-up. Highlands Middle School sixth grader Evan Rom won the first place prize of $200.

Many people know of at least one person who has suffered from cancer. Coughlan said one of his uncles came down with it but he survived and is doing great.

Walz’ parents are Shannon and Brian Walz. His aunt is veteran Highlands Ladybird basketball Head Coach Jaime Walz-Richey and his grandfather is Roger Walz, the quarterback of the 1960 and 1961 state championship Bluebird football teams.

Brian Walz said he does not know how families take on this challenge without health insurance. There are a lot of things even good group health insurance plans do not cover.

“It’s not just the expenses from the actual cost of treating and defeating cancer which still take three years after Brady finishes this final round of chemotherapy in March, but also the secondary expenses (that add up),” Brian Walz said. “Family Cancer Care and the hours of physical therapy/training Brady has in front of him to regain the strength that he has lost over the last nine months are just two examples.”

Brian Walz thanked Coughlan on the Facebook page dedicated to Brady Walz. Coughlan said the school has taken a lot of pride in helping out.

“Everyone is very supportive of him as seen with all the money raised and the Orange Out at the (Cincinnati) Elder (football) game (in October),” Coughlan said. “Some players even wore orange accessories.”

Brady Walz could not attend the girl-boy doubleheader Friday because he went in for another round of treatments. His mother was with him, but she found out Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Class act by a high school kid. Heard about this on Saturday and was hoping there would be some public mention of it somewhere.