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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BREAKING: Ruth Moyer Elementary Plans Unveiled

Campus site plan. 
Plans were unveiled for a complete renovation for Ruth Moyer Elementary School, Wednesday night.  News broke last September that Moyer would be awarded state money, as one of the top ten schools in the state in most need for a renovation.

The scope of the project will be limited to a complete update and renovation as opposed to demolition. "Much like the Highlands renovation, when you drive down Highland Avenue, you will still recognize the front of Ruth Moyer," said Superintendent Gene Kirchner.

Woodfill Elementary was the first of the three elementary schools in Fort Thomas to be renovated, but according to Facilities Director, Jerry Wissman, the process will not be the same. "We're not going to just drop Woodfill where Moyer is now. This will be its own building. We're going to take the best of what's over there and combine it with a new approach."

Moyer's renovation will replicate the cafeteria, stage and gymnasium area that Woodfill currently has. "If there is something public going on, people know that's where they go," said Wissman. "It's worked very well."

One item that may be different is where the lower grades will be located. After getting feedback from staff at Woodfill, they noted that the smaller children should be closer to the cafeteria and places they'd travel to during the day.

"Who would've thought that in the course of 5 years you'd have a renovation at Highlands that's allowed students to have things that students in their school system have never had before and now we are here with a brand new school at Moyer," said Kirchner. "But the story is not just the immediacy of getting another renovation done, it's the fact that it's all been made possible by a local effort."

The school's tax rate for Fort Thomas is a little more than 2.5 times higher than the city of Fort Thomas' assessed property taxes, which is where a lot of the funding comes from, but fundraisers like the March 7th Education Foundation Dance also support the schools in large part.

"I'm excited because we are finally getting a big payback from the state. Finally," said Kirchner. "All the fundraisers, the galas the tax rate, all of that effort is being recognized in Frankfort. We are seeing the money flow back because of that local effort."

Groundbreaking on the project takes place this summer and is expected to be completed in two stages within two years.

A "mobile village" behind the current school will be established to house the older students while the first part of the renovation is started. A lot of the structure of the building, which was originally built in the 1930s and then added on in the 1950s, will be able to be kept in tact.

The media center will be the hub of the building. It will be kept in the same place, but will have a very high ceiling that will extend two stories.

The new school will be built to house 550 students.

1st floor plan
2nd floor plan 
3rd floor plan
Public entrance area. Cafeteria, Stage, Gym. 
1st floor detail
Parking, 1st floor detail
"Trailer village"


  1. Pleased to see my contribution to a stellar team effort over the past 8 years Board service finally pay dividends in the renovation and replacement of the Moyer Campus! It has been no small accomplishment to have our needs heard in Frankfort as we are nearing the total resolution of over $100 million in unmet building needs! Go Birds!

  2. Glad to see the exterior of the building will largely remain the same keeping the memories alive for so many former students.

  3. But please..NO loud "hand drying" units outside of toilet areas, like Woodfill has, they can be heard everywhere, the dryers are annoying, disrupting class attention.