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Monday, February 2, 2015

Studio Root (Pictures and Menu of Services)

Studio Root is an absolute gem right in the heart of Fort Thomas. Owner, Tami Root, has quite a resume:
  • She has been in the business of skin care for over 30 years.
  • She was voted "Best in Cincinnati" by Cincinnati Magazine twice
  • Beyond educated in tips, tricks and "must haves" for your skin
Her salon is located in the middle of town, which is perfect! What she has to offer is more than most can imagine. Here is an outline of what is offered:

Treatments & Waxing
  • Ears & face - vacuum of the skin with cleansing and steam
  • Back - using rotary brush and scrub and mask as well
  • Body - Dry brush massage with coconut oil with hot stones
  • Hands - Paraffin wax
  • Feet - Cleansing, exfoliate, mask, hot stones, and coconut oils with some heated booties
  • Waxing - Legs, back & shoulders, chest & abdomen, forearms, bikini, underarms, eyebrows, cheeks, lip & chin, neck
I went in last Saturday to spend the afternoon with one of my closest friends and get to know Tami Root. I learned so much!

My friend Lindsey had her eyebrows shaped and cleaned up as well as a hand treatment where she was amazed at how soft her hands were from the paraffin wax treatment. I actually have two eyebrows that match now, which is new for me. I have had numerous salons explain to me that my eyebrows can't match because of their shape. Tami mentioned they would be tough to work with, but not impossible.

While in the midst of girl talk, Lindsey & I learned about quick beauty tips and we were both sent home with skincare to try. Face wash, Serum, Red Tea Moisturizer, and Moisturizer for lightning  complex (helps for aging).

 Massage Room: ...slip into a white cotton robe and socks...
 Entrance of the salon
 Eyebrow Station: bright lights & magnifying mirrors
Paraffin Wax hand treatment

I will leave you with a final tip from Tami for an immediate facelift:

Oily Skin: Egg whites, mixed with plain greek yogurt. Put the "paste" on and go relax laying down for 20 minutes.

Dry Skin: Egg (whole egg with yolk), mixed with greek yogurt. And same as above, put the "paste" on and go relax for 20 minutes.

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