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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

XOXO #FTMFamily Valentines Specials

It may not come as a big surprise but I absolutely love all holidays. I love dressing up at Halloween. I love Thanksgiving Turkey.  I love fireworks at Fourth of July.  Christmastime is my favorite, of course. But Valentine’s Day still counts as one of the “greats.”

My husband, on the other hand, pretends that it does not exist. In fact, he probably is reading this and thinking when is Valentine's Day again? I don't understand why it is so hard to find gift ideas or things to do on Valentine's Day for men, like my husband, who are otherwise emotionally attuned to my needs!

So, I have made it easy (cough, cough-dear husband). I love to shop local, so here's a list of all the excellent gift ideas and entertainment ideas for those shop local fanatics.

Gangsters Dueling Piano Bar: This event kicks off on February 13 with a Bourbon and Bootleg dinner.  On Valentine's Day itself, they are having a murder mystery dinner. Tickets are $50 and you can buy them here.

915: The 915 is conveniently located in town at Inverness Square. You don't want to miss the musical styling (mood music?) of Barney and the Howlers. The show starts at eight but get there early because it will be a packed house.

Cobblestone: if you want to start off Valentine's Day a little early, Cobblestone opens up at 10:30. Stop in for some delicious soups and salads along with deli sandwiches as a nice lunch date for you and your significant other.

Now onto the important part: the gifts!

Fort Thomas Florist: If you don't do anything on Valentine's Day, I think you're required to purchase flowers correct? They are open until 6 PM and are still accepting orders for the big day but be sure to call soon to get your order in!  And no, husband, a bag of seeds from Lowe’s is not emblematic of our rosy future!

Fort Thomas Jewelers: This place just did an awesome giveaway in time for Valentine’s Day but they still have their yellow gold-dipped roses along with stunning shimmery heart diamond pendants. You just really can't go wrong with jewelry.

Monera Chic Boutique: After you get done eating at Cobblestone head on down to Monera Chic boutique. This place offers a variety of clothing, jewelry, hats, scarves, bags and other great accessories that make fabulous gifts.

Fort Thomas Central: This is the place for one-of-a-kind jewelry and home décor as well as other gifts. And if you spend a minimum of $25 from now until Valentine's Day you will receive a "little lux perfume" by Lollia. They're open all week 10-6 and on Saturday 10-5.

Fit Philosophie: if you break your resolution and buy chocolate for your Valentine, you may want to follow up with a gift certificate to Fit Philosophie which has numerous fitness class options from which to choose.  It is sure to be a great gift!

CrossFit Soto: I’m not going to pretend to know anything about CrossFit but I'm pretty sure my husband would be stoked to try this out. Working out together can't be that bad right?

Anointed Touch: you will most definitely want to get a gift certificate for a massage for your special someone. You may want to pick up your gift certificate after you have gotten your own massage. Yes she is that good!

Campbell County Animal Shelter: This is an all day event at Reca Roller Rink. $1.00 from each fully paid admissions will be donated to the Shelter. Skate 2-4 or 430-630pm $5 Admission or 7-11pm $& Admissions. Regular Skate rentals $2-$4 Check out the donation list on Facebook.

Studio Root Skin Care: speaking of pampering, here is another option for your Valentine. She is offering $25 off Ear and Face Treatments through May. Message me to purchase Studio Root Skin Care Gift Cards for Valentine's Day. Personal delivery available.

Fort Thomas Antiques and Design Center: Naughty Valentines. Get your RED on for this pre-Valentine's Day party with Wine, Bourbon, music & shopping sponsored by Heaven Essence. Just click the link.

So, no excuses!  Leave your favorite local shop for holiday gifts in the comments below.  Please!  Give my husband more ideas!

And our budding journalist, Megan Benzing, had more to say about Valentine's Day:

"Valentine’s Day is about appreciating the people you love. Most people give their loved ones cards, gifts, or candy.

Valentine’s Day has a long history. The holiday was first associated with love back in the 1300s. There was multiple St. Valentine’s, but one of them was sentenced to death for performing illegal marriage for young lovers. In the 1700s, it was common for people to write love letters. Valentine’s Day is 2nd in the country behind Christmas for selling valentine’s cards.

We show love everyday from a kid saying goodbye to their parents when they have to go to work to kissing your husband/wife goodbye. We should keep these ways of showing love. If we didn’t have love, we would never be happy. So, spread love to others and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!"


  1. CARTER NEW BAND Valentines day concert at St Thomas. Tickets $25 includes snacks and there will be a cash bar. Hard to believe that FTM missed this well publicized event IN the city of FORT THOMAS. Doors open at 7pm. Come have a great night with your neighbors.

  2. Believe it or not, media orgs do not have drones in every home and scouring the internet. Did you attempt to contact them in advance? I have had many events that FTM publicized for the benefit of the community with about a week's notice, which is an insanely good turnaround. Sounds like you just didn't plan.

  3. Thanks Jessie. We actually hit two places on this list because of the article. Thanks to ft. thomas matters for providing this website, it's been a blessing to us as new members of the community.

  4. Barney and the Howlers ruled on VD Day. They are an awesome band. I visit them on Facebook to follow them.