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Monday, March 30, 2015

Abduction Still Being Investigated at Town and Country Sports & Health Club

Town & Country Sports Complex. Wilder, KY. Via 
WILDER, Ky. —Police are still investigating after a woman grabbed a 9-year-old girl Sunday evening at a sports complex in Wilder, Kentucky.

Authorities said the woman grabbed the girl about 5:45 PM as she was standing on an indoor soccer field at Town & Country Sports Complex.

The woman grabbed the girl by the arm and tried to pull her toward the exit door of the facility, police said, but the child pulled away and was not hurt.

The girl's mother was talking with a soccer coach on the field at the time of the incident, police said.
Police said the woman was described as white, with blond hair down to the middle of her neck and about 40 years old. She was wearing a long sleeve blue shirt with an oval pattern at the time of the incident.

An email from Town & Country went out to area clubs, including many in Fort Thomas. Here was the email initially sent:

From: Town & Country Sports & Health Club

To: Parents, Athletes and Coaches,

We are sorry to report that there was an incident last night where someone attempted to abduct a young athlete near the exit door to the side parking lot (Theater Side). The police were called, and we are both investigating and trying to get to the bottom of the situation.  The athlete is fine, nonetheless, this is a wake up call for all of us that regardless of where we are there are dangers that abound.

We highly recommend that parents meet your children at their designated field and/or court at the end of all practices and events.  For those who drive themselves, please be sure that you are always aware of your surroundings.

As much as we hate to think that this could happen to our children please review your family's procedures of “what if” with your children. T&C, KHSC and NKYVC have safety procedures in place and we will continue to enhance. To assist going forward we also ask that parents arrive for pick up on time (before their practice or activity is finished).

As always, the safety of our athletes is our top priority.  We are thankful that the incident turned out okay, but we can not relax - ever.   


JT Roberts 
President | Town & Country Sports & Health Club

Investigators said they are looking at possibilities including attempted abduction and also mistaken identity, in case the woman confused the child with another.

“They’re all wearing the same color jerseys, stuff like that, so it wouldn’t be impossible. I wouldn’t think, but you’d think they’d stay and be like, 'Hey, I’m sorry. I almost grabbed your kid, I’m sorry,'”  said Town & Country patron Nikki Moore.

Surveillance video from Town & Country is being reviewed, authorities said.

Town & Country Sports sent a statement about the incident which read,

"An incident occurred at Town & Country Sports in Wilder around 5:45 p.m. Sunday in which a nine-year-old girl reported that she was grabbed on the arm by a woman who tried to lead her away. We immediately contacted the City of Wilder Police Department about this incident and we are fully cooperating with the police investigation.

"Wilder Police Chief Andrew Williams said his department is investigating whether the incident was an attempted abduction or a simply a misunderstanding by a woman who may have grabbed the wrong child after volleyball practice.

"We operate 15 security cameras at our Wilder facility and we have provided videos from these cameras to Wilder Police as part of its investigation.

"We understand that parents’ most precious assets -- their children -- practice and play at our facility. For that reason, we have invested in security cameras and have implemented other security protocols to ensure the safety of visitors to our facility.

"Whether an intentional act or a mistake, this was an isolated incident at Town & Country. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage anyone who may have seen anything or may have more information about Sunday’s incident to immediately contact Wilder police at (859) 581-8884."
Management at Town & Country also sent an email to their customers informing them of the incident and asking for witness information.

See the full email below:

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  1. This does not sound like an attempted abduction for many reasons. First, it is doubtful that someone would try to abduct a kid with dozens of witnesses standing around. Second, abductions are very rare and almost always perpetrated by men. By now, the mistaken-Mom is probably scared to death to come forward thinking that she will get arrested for mistakenly grabbing the wrong kid.