Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fort Thomas Central Artisan Spotlight: Jane Pompilio

Some of the stained glass created by Jane Pompilio, which graces the back room at Fort Thomas Central. Fort Thomas Central is part of the #FTMFamily.
Fort Thomas Central offers a selection of artisan products from all over the country, as well as from right at home.

Owner of Fort Thomas Central, Barb Thomas, says that she works hard to find various artisans to offer the most unique selection of products and gifts.

“I’m always keeping my eye out for local artists, (artisans) on the Internet, and also I go to the Atlanta Market twice a year,” Thomas said.

Thomas makes an effort to fill the store with products and various lines requested by customers to offer specialized shopping.

“It’s an important avenue for us to satisfy our customers to bring in what they are wanting as a gift option,” she said.

Some of the top-selling categories at Fort Thomas Central are fashion and jewelry, which includes lines from various designers and  artisans. They also carry baby and children’s clothes,  accessories, bath and body products, and house ware gifts.

Although she travels to search high and low for unique products, sometimes the perfect artisans for the shop are right here in town.

Jane Pompilio, a Fort Thomas resident, has been creating stained glass pieces for over two decades.
One of the stained glass pieces made by Pompilio at Fort Thomas Central.

“I started making stained glass in Covington, Kentucky at Kaleidoscope about 25 years ago,” she said. “I took a class and …ended up really appreciating glass. I went there and never looked back.”

She said that Kaleidoscope offers stained glass classes, repairs and restoration.Thomas and Pompilio first started working together when Fort Thomas Central opened its doors nearly two years ago.

“I invited her to bring a few pieces of her stained glass into the shop and see how the customers would perceive them and everything started to sell and the rest is history,” Thomas said.

The products offered by local artisans, including Pompilio’s works compliment those selected by Thomas from across the country because of their unique nature and range of choices.

“The concept of the store is to offer a gift shop for all occasions, for all ages here in Fort Thomas,” Thomas said.

Pompilio creates stained glass for every occasion as well. “It’s an everlasting gift,” Pompilio said. She said that she has created pieces for weddings, as memorials for people who have passed, and just because.

Pompilio’s work was even featured on the TV show “Treehouse Masters,” where she created a piece for the front door of a treehouse built in Germantown, Ky. “It’s a form of artwork that is unusual because as the light changes from day to night or season to season, the window takes on a different appearance as well,” Pompilio said.

Whether looking for a gift for a wedding, memorial, new baby, or just because, Fort Thomas Central offers unique, artisan-crafted products, including Pompilio’s stained glass creations for any occasion.

Thomas describes it as “an across-the-board mix of a gift shop that is for all occasions, really for anyone needing a gift.”

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