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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Department Monthly Report: February

FTM file. 

Officers Tom Carr, Zac Rohlfer and Adam Peak were nominated to receive the Lifesaving Award. The three officers responded to a motor vehicle accident with possible injuries. After trying to awaken the two occupants they recognized that both were not breathing. Both had overdosed while traveling on I-471 South. Both occupants were removed from the vehicle and the officers began CPR lasting five minutes before a pulse was identified.


In February officers wrote 19 speeding charges, 10 DUI charges, 23 charges for non-traffic offenses (i.e., warrants, assaults, disorderly conduct, etc.) and 63 traffic charges (i.e., suspended license, no insurance, expired license plate, etc.).

Officers also issued 124 written warnings and totaled 19 court appearances. There were 18 drug related charges places against 13 adults. Traffic stops let to 4 of the charges.

Two of these charges were written to Fort Thomas residents. The others charges were written to citizens of Hebron (1), Elmere (1), Ohio (1), Covington (1), Southgate (1), Newport (3), Dayton (1), Bellevue (1), Lexington (1).

Detective Cases

Thefts (5), Criminal Mischief (2), Burglary (2), Sexual Assault (1), Criminal Trespass (1), ID Theft (1), Forgery (1)

Detectives saw an increase in IRS scams with the tax season on the doorstep. FTPD have been working with the IRS to locate the suspects and encourage citizens to contact the Police Department and make a report.

Heroin Epidemic 
During the past month, detectives have been working in conjunction with the Campbell County Drug Task Force increasings search warrants, conducting surveillance and place numerous drug charges based on there thorough investigations.

These detections has seized nearly 11 grams of heroin and 29 grams of marijuana.

AAV Security is part of the #FTMFamily 

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