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Sunday, March 29, 2015

How About A Holtman's Donuts in Fort Thomas?

Holtman's Donuts. Via Twitter. 
When you drive by vacancies in Fort Thomas, do you ever remark about how you think a certain business would just be perfect there? Well here's your chance to personally woo a trendy, insanely delicious, perfect-for-this-town business to Fort Thomas.

Holtman's Donuts is looking to add it's fourth location to the area and Fort Thomas could fit the bill. But owners Danny Plazarin and Katie Willing, who are also engaged, want to hear from residents.

"Now that we have a little bit of a reputation, we want to pick a neighborhood that wants us there," Willing said.

Plazarin is the grandson of Holtman's founder Charles Holtman. Plazarin's parents, Chuck and Toni (Charles Holtman's daughter), run the Holtman's shops in Loveland, the original location that opened in 1960, and Williamsburg, which opened in 2009. They spent a lot of time scouting their location in Over-The-Rhine, but are ready to roll on their next location.

Holtman's, which has been featured on multiple national shows on The Cooking Channel, said they'd like to be in their new location by September. 

Willing expects the new location will be more than twice as big as the Vine Street store, which, at 1,200 square feet, doesn't have much room for seating. She expects the new location to be up to 3,000 square feet and employ about 25.

So here's your chance, Fort Thomas. Share this post. Visit Holtman's Facebook page here or Twitter page here and tell them, "COME TO FORT THOMAS! WE WANT YOU!"

The Old Smitty's location has street access, is bigger and is right in the heart of town. Just saying'.

The Maple Bacon Donut from Holtman's. Via Twitter. 

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