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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Water Main Breaks on Crown Point

Northern Kentucky Water District Trucks were at Crown Point Thursday afternoon. This was the fourth water main break in four days in Fort Thomas. 
UPDATE: Another water main has broken on Tower Place, making it the sixth in four days. Residents on that street do not have access to water. We will continue to try and reach out for comment to the Water District.

Amy Kramer of the Northern Kentucky Water District said they isolated the valve and have taken it out of service.

"Unfortunately mechanical things have flaws. The pressure spike the we read on the meter wasn't even that significant," said Kramer. "We think we have a process in place to make sure this type of event doesn't happen again."

A water main broke Thursday afternoon on Crown Point, off of S. Fort Thomas Avenue. That brings to the total of broken water mains to five in four days in Fort Thomas.

Monday a malfunction at the water treatment plant on Memorial Parkway caused three water mains to break almost simultaneously.  

Clover Ridge at Memorial Parkway, Mel Lawn at North Fort Thomas and Green Street at South Fort Thomas all needed maintenance on Monday, with some customers not having water service for close to eight hours. 

Another main broke on Elmwood on Tuesday. 

A pump control valve malfunctioned, which created excessive water pressure. When the pressure built up, it spewed water at high rates throughout the city. Presumably the water mains that were the weakest were the ones that broke. Fort Thomas suffered broken mains because of the vicinity to the treatment plant.

SD1 is scheduled to repair the water main this summer between Bellaire and Covert Run at the same time that stretch of road will be repaved. That water main is normally one that needs repair, but it didn't suffer noticeable damage from the malfunction of the pump control valve. 

Trucks were parked at Crown Point on Thursday afternoon to repair another break. FTM file. 

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  1. Isn't the water district a 24/7/365 organization? With four breaks in four days, there's no reason why they can't issue a press release to their customers/rate payers. Or, have someone available to comment on the issues with their faulty equipment. Typical poor PR from that organization!