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Saturday, April 25, 2015

15 North Makes Pizzas Fast, Really Fast (And They're Hiring)

The wood-fired oven is getting tuned up. 
The centerpiece wood-burning over at 15 North is fired up and ready to go. Adorned in beautiful, blue tile work, it's going to be a show. As they await their last minute inspections, owners Ed and Lori Gossman have been trying their hand at mastering the intricacies of the restaurant.

Tuning the temperature of the oven just right. Putting the finishing touches on the open dining room concept upstairs and making sure every detail is thought out down to the trim on the door frames (which were reclaimed wood floors from the former locations). FTM will announce the opening date as soon as they are ready. It's close.

FTM watched The Gossmans make a pizza, put it into the belly of the oven pull it out, piping hot with a charred crust that is unmistakable and impossible to duplicate. Fort Thomas has a good one on our hands, ladies and gentleman.

Here's Ed cooking a pizza from start to finish, in hyper-lapse speed.

Time to cook the pizza: 75 seconds. 

15 North is also hiring. Call 571-224-2757. Want a leg up on the competition? Tell them you saw the wood-fired oven in action on FTM.

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