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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

15 North Wood-Fired Oven Sets Opening Date in Fort Thomas

A selection of pizzas that will be offered at 15 North.

The long-awaited wood-fired-oven pizza restaurant, 15 North, has passed the final inspection hurdles and has set the opening date, according to owners Ed and Lori Gossman.

The Gossmans, who have run successful restaurant businesses previously in Washington DC, understood the challenges that location had in the past and set a plan in place to overcome those obstacles from day one. First, opening up the concept on the second floor. Second, getting the equipment right. Third, making sure that the restaurant flowed, to ensure service would be quick and professional.

"We wanted to slow it down a little. D.C. is such a fast pace way of life and so spread out," said Gossman in a previous FTM article. "Comparing Fort Thomas to there is apples to oranges. We lived 45 minutes away from the restaurant and were putting something like 50,000 on the cars every year. We wanted our kids to go to school in Fort Thomas. We love the city."

The restaurant will have Neapolitan inspired pizzas and will be more comprehensive than a pizzeria. "Especially over time after we settle in and expand our menu," said Gossman. "In addition to a multitude of craft beers we will have a concise but excellent selection of wines and a handful of classic and contemporary inspired cocktails."  

"We are excited to announce after months of preparation, planning and transforming the building into a new concept that we will officially open for business on May 13," said Ed Gossman.

The 13th is a Wednesday and gives them two weeks from today until their doors officially open.

Last week, FTM checked in with the progress of 15 North and saw just how fast they were able to cook their pizzas. The video doesn't lie. In 75 seconds, a pizza with high-quality ingredients and unmistaken char on its crust returns to the kitchen and is on its way to your table. The entire process can be viewed from the open-concept dining room on the second floor.

"We want to make sure that when we open there are as little hiccups as possible," said Gossman.

For that reason, they will ease into their schedule. "Something that worked in our other business was not going all out at first to make sure that we are settling in with our staff. We want to make sure that the restaurant functions well and runs smoothly so that everyone that comes in the door has a great experience and can't wait to come back," said Gossman.

When 15 North first opens, they will just offer dinner service. The hours for dinner will be 4:30 - 10:00 PM, Sunday-Thursday. On Friday and Saturday they will extend hours from 4:30 - 11:00 PM.

They will also postpone carry out and will have limited seating on the patio when they open. Gossman said that he's hoping their systems are set up and everything is running smoothly by early June. "Everything inside really came together. It's really beautiful and we think everyone is going to enjoy the layout and design. We're betting big that they will," said Gossman. "We'd like to thank the Bank of Kentucky, who gave us the opportunity to do what we do well. Everyone who played a part in it, some that we never met. Ashli Slawter and Hemmer Industries who've stuck with us during the long process and took care of the bones of the restaurant and laid a good foundation so that we could put the finishing touches on. Debbie Buckley was great for her constant support and motivation."

Excellent salads will be an integral part of our menu
Summer tomato caprese with rainbow carrots 
Pesto chicken with Grana Padano and baby heirloom tomatoes

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