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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Best (and Worst) Things You Can Do for Your Skin

Studio Root Skin Care is part of the #FTMFamily 

Everyone’s skin is different. That’s why at Studio Root Skin Care, owner Tami Root customizes every client’s spa experience based off of their personal needs.

She worked in various salons for 20 years in Ohio before opening her own studio in Fort Thomas in 2007. The studio she first opened was primarily dedicated to manicures and pedicures before arthritis in her hands caused her to close the studio. After occupational therapy, she decided to get back into the skincare field, she decided against working for another salon or studio.

“Once you have your own place, it’s really hard to work for someone again,” she said. "In this industry, you have to be available when your people are able to come to you.”

This led her to open her new studio on Highland Avenue six months ago, where she is available by appointment for skincare sessions ranging from aromatherapy to microdermabrasion.
Tami recently shared with us the 5 best and 5 worst things that you can do for your skin.

To have a healthy complexion, her list of ‘do’s includes:

1. Using serums nightly. “The difference between a serum and a moisturizer, moisturizers create a barrier over your skin, so moisture doesn’t leave your skin. Your serum is what has a lot of antioxidants in them…and absorbs into your epidermis easier.”

2. Using sunscreen daily. “Even in the winter… Even for kids… If you use it, you don’t age as fast.” 

3. Exfoliating skin weekly. “That sheds the dead layers off the top layer. Anytime you have dead skin on your face, it shows your wrinkles and imperfections.”

4. Drinking eight glasses of water a day. “Hydration is super important to keeping your cells and tissues plumped up to their fullest.”

5. Using a primer on your skin every day. “Guys can use it. Girls can use it. It’s silicone based…, and it gives you a smoother look.”

Root's top five worst are:

1. Skipping washing your face. “You aren’t washing the environmental aggressors off of your face that you come into (contact) with during the day."

2. Not getting enough sleep. “Eight hours of sleep will make anybody look better.”

3. Not getting an annual check up with an esthetician. “Getting a body treatment yearly or quarterly is a really good idea because the person that’s working on you makes notes and can see if something is different or the same (over time).”

4. Smoking. “Nobody needs any explanation on that one. It causes lines around your lips and yellow complexion.”

5. Picking at skin and scabs. “Especially mosquito bites. My remedy for that…is clear nail polish.”

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