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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Best Furniture Gallery Evolves to Constantly Serves Community Better

Best Furniture as it was first being established.
If you’ve ever walked past Best Furniture Gallery on South Fort Thomas Avenue, you may notice its quaint appearance from the outside. The illusion of its small size ends as soon as you walk through the door. Owner Craig Reis says that this is what takes most people by surprise when they come to the store.

“It’s been added on to so many times, it is so much bigger than it looks from the outside,” Reis said. “When people come in they’re always blown away at how big it is. You can’t get a feel for it from the street.”

Reis and his wife, Carolynn, have owned Best Furniture Gallery since 2002 and continue to expand and offer more for their customers.

Not to be confused with a pompous view of their own gallery, it was actually named after Charlie and Eva Best, who began the business in 1941.

In addition to its multi-floored interior, Best offers custom, quality, American-made pieces for their clients.

“We are even able to customize specific dimensions of pieces for some of our manufacturers, which is very unique,” Reis said.

Reis said that they don’t often run “sales” within the store because they price the pieces at a reasonable point to begin with.

“Everything is on sale every day,” Reis said. “Our philosophy is to price it right the first time. The customer doesn’t have to worry about if are they getting the best price. They are always getting the best price.”

Not only available to Fort Thomas residents, Best assists clients from all over the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati region.

“I’m always amazed; every day there are people who have never been in the store before that are coming in, so that is encouraging to see,” Reis said.

The overall experience is something that Best focuses on for customers.

“From the time the customer walks in the door to the time our delivery guys leave the house, we take that part of the business very seriously,” he said.

Tim Dollens has been delivering furniture at Best Furniture Gallery since 2001. He said that he likes meeting new customers each day as well as seeing long-time customers on a regular basis. He makes sure that “things go smoothly on the delivery,” he said in an email.

Best also prides itself on the longevity of the workers. Alma Rohrer has been with Best for 30 years in August. Rohrer is the design consultant for the gallery, and says that in her time there, she has noticed that Best truly cares for the people it serves.

"We care about our clientele," she said. "You can go in anywhere and get something sold to you, but I think we make friends with the clientele. We want their home to be lovely and get what they want."
The store currently.
She said that the store adds to the community.

"It's a nice, independent store," she said. "Carolynn and Craig have put in a lot of time and energy improving it for not only the people who work there, but also for the community."
If you’re looking for a custom product and warm and personal customer experience, Best Furniture Gallery is open Monday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday by appointment only, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. As Reis described the store, “there’s a wow around every corner.”

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