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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brady Walz on the Mend

Brady Walz and Patrick Towles in Lexington. 
These are the fun things to share. I can't say it better than Shannon Walz, so without further adieu:

For the first time in almost a year, everyone in the Walz Family is where they "should" be right now... Brian is at Sixth District, I am at Desmond Insurance, Meghan is at HMS, Ellie is at Johnson & Brady is at Highlands High School! Yes - you read that correctly! Today is Brady's first day of school!
I'd love to share a "first day of school" pic with you, but the ones I attempted to take don't adequately show the joy we are feeling right now. I will try again tomorrow. We still have maintenance chemo/treatment to tackle, but this is a huge step for all of us!! Thanks for your prayers & support!! #‎bradystrong #‎walzwillwin

Keep going, Brady! And make sure to check out his lawn care service, Bradystrong Lawn Care. He is taking new customers as we speak.

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