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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Campbell County Fiscal Court Approves Use of Funds for Southbank

Fort Thomas Money Yet to Be Earmarked for Use

Campbell County Fiscal Court. FTM file. 

By Bryan Burke, Associate Editor, The River City News

The Campbell County Fiscal Court passed a resolution that sets out the joint use of riverfront development funds appropriated to the Campbell and Kenton County Fiscal Courts for development of the riverfront. Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery elaborated further on the issue after the meeting.

“In a legislative session at least two years ago there was $150,000 that was voted to go to riverfront development in Northern Kentucky," Pendery told The River City News. "It started out at the House as being $150,000 directed to fund the activities of Southbank, but there was a compromise reached that in order to pass it, it took that language out. So the language that remained said that the money needed to go to riverfront development and needed a coordinated expenditure as between Kenton and Campbell Counties. The first time we got the money, we got $75,000. The money was then divided up between more than one user, Southbank being one. This time, Southbank approached us and explained how they would propose to spend the money this go around and the ask covered the whole amount and we're giving them the money based on the description on how it's going to be spent. That was coordinated with Kenton County. They had $75,000 to pass along, too, so we've complied with the law and the money's going to Southbank.”

Campbell County Commissioner Charlie Coleman said he had spoken with Southbank President Jack Moreland about where and what that money was specifically earmarked to develop.

“Newport and Bellevue will be using these funds for the Red Bike project. Dayton is looking into a study for a pier and use their funds for that,” Coleman said.

County Administrator Matt Elberfeld said that Fort Thomas is considering saving their part of the funding for when Red Bike expands there in the future.
However according to City Administrator, Don Martin, Red Bike is not in play for Fort Thomas. "The Red Bike initiative is not envisioned for Fort Thomas in the near future as we are outside their area of focus," he said.

The Fiscal Court applied for a grant of $75,000 from the Kentucky Department of Local Government Land and Water Conservation Fund for the construction of a new bathroom facility at the A.J. Jolly Park Equestrian Campground. A public hearing was required for the grant which was held prior to the Fiscal Court meeting. If the funds are obtained, the project would move ahead in 2016. The new facility would replace the existing one there now.

On March 4, the Fiscal Court approved a contract with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for just under $150,000 for the construction of bridges and approaches on Ten Mile Road and Daniels Road. The state pays for 80 percent of the contract while the County pays the remaining 20 percent. On Wednesday, the Fiscal Court voted to seek bids for the projects.

The Fiscal Court accepted the bid of W.M. Kramer of about $53,000 to replace the roof on the building at 16 East 11th Street. The County recently purchased the building, which was previously part of Trauth Dairy's operations in Newport, to house voting machines and snow plows, provide additional parking for the County employees who work in the neighboring Campbell County Administration Building, as well as to better protect the Administration Building.

The Fiscal Court also applied to be reimbursed for the cost of providing non-public students bus service through the school year. The County spent over $330,000 on these bus services and will have most of that money reimbursed from the state.

Judge Pendery said the methadone clinic in Covington has booked its 1,000th person for treatment of heroin addiction.

“This is something that has all kinds of destructive societal effects, that's obvious, but it is also consuming vast amounts of money from local government. Over half of all of the people in our jail are there because of heroin addiction or dealing. Crimes that are committed to support habits, those sorts of things, that's true across Northern Kentucky, so we're talking several thousand people on that basis.”

The Fiscal Court will seek bids for the renovation and expansion of the Campbell County Detention Center. The Fiscal Court intends to renovate the former District Court Building into dormitory-style beds, 32 new isolation beds, replace the security system and other facility improvements. The project will provide a total of 138 more beds in the facility.

Campbell County Conservation District Supervisor Gretchen Vaughn presented a proclamation for the week of April 26 - May 3 as Soil and Water Stewardship Week in Campbell County which Judge Pendery signed as official.

This article originally ran on The River City News and was republished with permission. This is premium content on RCN. You can subscribe to The River City News here. 

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