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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fort Thomas Central Hosts New Collection

Graceful Style Home can be found at Fort Thomas Central, 3 N. Fort Thomas Avenue.

Fort Thomas Central is adding to its already diverse collection of gifts. Owner Barb Thomas recently partnered with Jamie Kallmeyer and Nancy Anost for their repurposed line of products. The room hosts Graceful Style Home which offers a selection of various furniture and decor.

What started as a thrifting hobby for longtime friends Kallmeyer and Anost has evolved into the collection of repurposed, vintage and antique cottage-style products.

“We love thrifting,” Kallmeyer said. “We love finding things that other people might pass up. We both somehow see beauty in things that other people might just walk by.”

The products that they find and repurpose blend well with those already offered in Fort Thomas Central, and adds to its unique gift selection.

“It matches the culture of the shop,” Thomas said. “It adds to our product mix. It’s different from the rest of the shop, but it goes very well with everything that we already have in house.” 

For Kallmeyer and Anost, Graceful Style Home has long been a dream. It came to fruition after Kallmeyer became friends with Thomas.

“We feel it is the perfect launching pad for our store and Barb liked the concept and thought it would be a great fit,” Kallmeyer said.

Anost, who has been repurposing and collecting antiques as long as she can remember, said that having the space in Fort Thomas Central is awesome.

"It gives us a place (and) a reason to keep doing what we love to do," she said.

Partnering with Fort Thomas Central allows them to ‘test the waters’ without quitting their current jobs and see how people respond to their space, Kallmeyer said.

Kallmeyer and Anost visit different cities to find the unique items, and their next excursion will take them Nashville to what is considered one of the largest flea markets in the Midwest. Sometimes they don't have to go far to find the products. Kallmeyer said friends will give her things that they don’t want anymore to repurpose.

“We never turn anything down,” she said.

Although seeing the items sell is bittersweet for both. "We loved these things and collected them and treasured them forever," Anost said. "People really like them and they're going to buy them and it's kind of a bittersweet. But it's awesome."

To see Graceful Style Home products, and to get gifts for any age range or budget, Fort Thomas Central is open Tuesday through Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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