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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fort Thomas City Council Notes (4-20-15)

Two seats were left empty at Monday's meeting. Roger Peterman took over as Mayor Pro-Tem for the meeting. 
Monday's meeting was a little unorthodox, as Mayor Eric Haas was absent. Council had to appoint a Mayor Pro-Tem to run the meeting. City Administrator, Don Martin, mentioned that typically the most senior member of council is appointed to that temporary position and after a very brief discussion, that is what happened when Roger Peterman moved to the middle seat in chamber.

Councilman Jeff Bezold was also absent.

Onto the notes from the meeting.

- Catherine Ampfer spoke to council and asked them to reconsider the current street resurfacing plan. Ampfer, who spoke against the tax at the public hearing last month, lives on a street that was assessed two years ago, so she already has paid her share. "I'm up here to represent citizens that are being double taxed. I know that it's always been done like that in Fort Thomas, but to me that's just not a good reason to continue (this practice). I feel like it's an undue burden. Please find a way to fund (repaving and repairing the streets) with existing taxes."

Adam Meier chimed in and said that he would commit to looking at other options that may seem more equitable. "I personally agree that it's probably not the most fair situation," he said.

The Public Utilities Committee met last month and discussed options to replace the one-time street tax with a raise in the franchise fee for gas and electric usage for Duke Energy. A hypothetical raise of the current .03% franchise fee to 1.25% would cover this year's repair bill of $168,000 that the citizens will pay, in full.

- Police Chief, Mike Daly, and Fire Chief Mark Bailey, both delivered their respective annual reports. FTM will cover these items separately to give both departments their due time. Both departments had banner years.

- The City Administrator Report started with the Annual Deer Hunting Report. There were 8 less deer-related accidents reported from last year. FTM will cover this issue separately as well.

- Martin updated council on the VA homes. The "request for qualification" applications are due April 30.

- Churchill Drive, which is on the list of five streets slated for repair this year, was discussed because it crosses the border of Newport and Fort Thomas. Fort Thomas asked Newport if they would like to participate in the cost. Newport will pay $63,711 for the estimated $342,000 it will cost to repair and resurface Churchill.

Council voted 5-0 to move forward with that shared project.

- The first reading of three ordinances were read. No action or vote is required until the second reading of the ordinance. The three ordinances were:
1) The option of increasing the gas franchise fee.
2) The option of increasing the electric franchise fee.
3) To proceed with the 2015 street resurfacing program.


  1. We live on Highland Ave and had to pay something in the realm of $800 to have that road repaved. That road is a main thoroughfare--NOT a neighborhood side street. I was not too thrilled that the residents of Highland were stuck with the bill.

    1. Did you DO anything about it?