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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Monthly Report (March 2015)

FTM file. 
Community Events:

- FTPD and the Kentucky Attorney General's Office and 1st Presbyterian Church teams up to present a public awareness program in reference to fraud. This was covered on FTM and in the Fort Thomas Living.

- Det. Adam Noe and Lt. Rich Whitford, in conjunction with area jewelers including Ft. Thomas Jewelers, assisted the Highland Heights Police Department with a program called "ID is Key." The program was initiated to combat the increase in thefts of jewelry from residents across the Northern Kentucky area.


 -Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Officers Doug Bryant and Zac Rohlfer traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica to provide tractical instruction to 182 members of the Costa Rican Police Forces - all out of their own pockets. The trio also used personal vacation time from work to volunteer their time.

“The Director of TACITA Ministries stated the level of professionalism, quality of instruction and the generosity displayed by these men was remarkable. They are certainly a credit to their department as well as to the community in which they serve,” said Police Chief Mike Daly.

- Sgt. Carpenter and Officers William Hunt, Brandon Laffin and Daniel Cropper received a thank you letter from Dayton Police Chief David Halfhill.

According to police reports, a subject entered a Dayton pharmacy and demanded methadone. The suspect was able to get away. The Fort Thomas officers arrived, set up a perimeter and were able to assist with searching and apprehending the subject.


- Officer Nick Hoffman has been assigned as a Crime Scene Officer. He will respond to call outs when needed for Fort Thomas Investigations with Detectives Noe and Rowland and in the future with the Campbell County Scene Unit.

- The department received a $1,000 grant from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety for their Click It or Ticket Campaign that will run from May 1-May 31. Lt. Jamey Gadzala researched and applied for the grant.

During the council meeting, Councilman Ken Bowman asked Chief Daly to clarify what the grant would be for. He stated that it would be used for overtime to help enforce the campaign.

Buckle up Fort Thomas!


In March, officers wrote 30 speeding charges and 5 DUI charges for a total of 110 traffic-related charges. In comparison, there were 176 traffic charges in March of 2014.

Officers have written 164 warnings and totaled 39 court appearances. There were 21 drug related charges placed against 11 adults. 5 of those charges were Possession of Marijuana. Two of those individuals are Fort Thomas residents. Traffic stops let to 4 of the charges.

There were 60 offense reports, including 18 thefts and 17 drug related charges. That is up from last March where there were 5 theft offenses and 13 drug related incidents.

There were 22 accident reports in March of 2015. That compares to 14 in March of 2014.

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