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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fresh Thyme to Newport Plaza 
FTM reported 2 weeks ago that Fresh Thyme would likely become the next tenant to fill a portion of the old Remke Markets location. Today the Enquirer filed reports that would back that up. 

From that article:
Our sources are telling us that Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market will be the next retailer to fill that space. Construction is on-going for that space and the space next to it, which has not been leased as of yet.

An organic, niche-type grocery store has been missing from the immediate Fort Thomas-Newport area, and is often the subject of desire in the comments section of any economic development article across the media spectrum.

Fresh Thyme is a Meijer-backed company that sprouted up in the midwest fairly recently. They opened their first two area stores over the last six months. August 27 in Oakley and November 12 in Montgomery.

Remke's has been divided and the Planet Fitness will expand into a portion of that space. 


  1. They are not Organic. They have conventional goods just as Krogers does, with High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Partially Hydrogenated Oil. They have some Organic.

  2. Will it also be a basic grocery store handling staples such as milk, bread, paper goods and the like? If NOT I will NOT shop there. Still hate that Rempke's are gone.

  3. I LOVE this store. I take an extra trip up into Ohio just to shop here. Super clean and friendly atmosphere. Plus a great little area to get a custom made sandwich,salad. or pizza.

  4. I will never understand why there's still no Whole Foods in NKY. The local economy can more than support it in the Fort Thomas/Newport shopping area. What are people so afraid of?

  5. Fresh Thyme has a nice selection, along with "normal" grocery items. In my experience, they undercut Kroger's regular prices, though they may not be cheaper overall, once the Kroger card specials are taken into account.

    They have a nice meat department and make their own sausage (bratwurst, etc.). Produce department is also nice.

    They have a much bigger selection of organic and vegan/vegetarian items than Kroger, but aren't totally focused on that. You can definitely pickup all of your staples, such as milk and bread, there.

    Remke is gone, and Fresh Thyme is not Remke. But, I'm glad to have another grocery choice in the area.

  6. do the take coupons

  7. this place was good when first opened had good employees really seem to have gone down hill bad management because there has been a lot of turn over i know if you go in the evening not very much selection in meat department and fresh service counter is empty lot employees standing around