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Monday, April 27, 2015

Highlands Middle School Students Got Talent

By FTM "Budding Journalist" Sarah Cayton

Zoe Zoeller and Emma Horton, sixth graders, sing Jar of Hearts

Musicians, comedians, dancers, clowns and magicians took over Highland High School on Friday, April 24th, during the Highlands Middle School annual talent show. The performances featured the hidden talents that many students in the school don't usually have the opportunity to show their peers. The show lasted from 7 to 8:45 pm and took place in the high school's performing arts center.

The show was organized by Mrs. Lori Duncan, who is the band teacher for the middle and high school. Auditions, ran by Duncan, determined who would show off their talents during the show, as well as who would emcee it. Eight graders Vicky Alcorn and Emrel Woody, along with seventh grader David Herfel emceed the show.

Emrel Woody, 8th grader, was one of the three Emcees.
Acts for the night included singers, musicians, a comedian, a magician, a circus act, and an Irish Jig. Even Principal Mark Goetz go in on the fun by showing off a card trick. The finale of the talent show was the percussion band, which featured instruments such as xylophones and drums. The group played a piece called Under Construction.

Seventh Grader Joey Holt shows off the circus skills he picked up at Circus Mojo
Adele Ross soothes the audience with her violin
Catherine Young wasn't going to let crutches keep her from singing
A few select acts will be chosen to boost morale while the school takes the K-PREP, which is the state's standardized test.  The second show will be performed for students after the testing for that day is concluded.

The following photos were taken by Erin Horton, Fort Thomas resident. Her daughter was in the show.
Adam Flotemersch, sixth grader, shows off his magic tricks

Cassidy Perme and fellow seventh graders showed off their vocals

Hank Slaby sang Stars from Les Mis

Will Bernem brought the house down with the sax

Mr. Valz demonstrated his talents with Metallica on the guitar

Keely, a seventh grader, danced an Irish jig
David, Emrel and Vicky Emcee the show

Justin Gabbard rocked the crowd with his vocal talent

Principal Mark Goetz gets in on the fun with a card trick

Joey Holt and Adam Flotemersch bow after a race on stage

Joey Holt just clowning around!

Emma Horton sings a solo

Cassidy Perme sings while playing piano

Michelle Chalk wowed the crowd with her beautiful voice

The Middle School Percussion Group plays, ending the show

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